Mirasys Launches AI-powered Railway Driver Assistance System for Safer Train Travel

Mirasys Launches AI-powered Railway Driver Assistance System for Safer Train Travel

After securing Ram Mandir and Ayodhya with its state-of-the-art unified AI deep vision platform, Mirasys (India) has unveiled a Railway Driver Assistance System (RDAS), a programme aimed at making train travel safer in India. Through intelligent visual perception algorithms, the system can provide deep insights into a locomotive driver’s behaviour, and happenings inside a cabin to avert any mishap or accident. The system is designed to alert the control room prior to any untoward incident, saving precious lives of passengers.

Arindam Das Sarkar, MD, Mirasys (India) spoke about the motivation behind the launch of RDAS, “The AI-powered system is designed to ensure the highest standards of safety and security for locomotives. It notifies the control room when the driver is drowsy, sleeping, on call which will ultimately reduce accidents due to negligence and carelessness. Smoke detection ensures that there is no smoking in the cabin and in case of fire, the driver as well as VMS system can be alerted. In fact, through driver detection, it also alerts if the driver is missing while also identifying if one is on headphone. The system ensures that the driver is completely alert in terms of viewing as well as listening to the sounds around.”

Integrating modern machine learning with algorithms for pattern recognition and task classification, the mathematical model of behaviour ensures not just safety, but compliance to rules and brings down costs by up to 30%. It leads to 25% improvement in operational efficiency. Responding 40% faster to any incident, the Audio-Visual Alert System includes Vision, Speech and 3rd party integration, which results in quicker resolution of problems in the driver’s cabin.

With features like Distraction Detection to monitor a driver’s behaviour and ensure they are alert and can see the track carefully, Eye Drowsiness Detection ensures that the signs of drowsiness are identified through driver monitoring system and alerting individuals and Yawning Detection to ensure that the driver is not sleepy.

Phone Call Detection is another useful feature which will enable authorities to take swift action. Smoke Detection uses software that ensures complete safety and security of passengers by ensuring that things are smooth in the cabin. Moreover, Camera Block Detection is a feature that can raise alerts for intentional and unintentional obstruction of camera’s view. This will take into account intruders or unauthorised people entering the driver’s cabin of the train. Quick alert will ensure that no untoward action can impact the safety of the passengers.

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