Contentstack Unveils Personalization Solution at ContentCon 2024

Contentstack Unveils Personalization Solution at ContentCon 2024

Contentstack announced the first-ever solution to address long-standing personalization challenges for digital marketers: an overreliance on IT, generic AI content, and manual processes that impede scale. The announcement was made at ContentCon, the company's annual customer conference, featuring speakers from Air France KLM, ASICS, Cartier, Dawn Foods, and Evinova. 

Contentstack’s solution includes new premium features that, unlike other offerings, are integrated within the headless CMS as well as “no-fail promise” customer support services:

  • Personalize – An A/B/n testing and segmentation engine that removes obstacles tied to the implementation and operationalization of personalized content. 

  • Brand Kit – A writing assistant that produces brand-relevant, AI-generated content at scale to align with the brand's style, messaging, and defined Voice Profiles.

  • New extensions for Contentstack Automate – Teams can now develop fully automated sequences to address the complete lifecycle of personalized content and experiences.

  • Expanded Academy and new AI Accelerator program – Additional tools, training, and support to help achieve success on practical AI use cases within weeks

“Brands are experiencing a relevancy crisis. Our customers tell us they fear digital sameness and feel overrun by tech and the pace of change,” said Neha Sampat, founder and CEO of Contentstack. “We know that personalized digital experiences are the solution; they’re also significantly hard to achieve. Today’s announcement makes personalization at scale simple and real – for the first time ever. No other solution on the market is as comprehensive and no other company invests as much in customer success.”

Contentstack Personalize: Deliver the Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time

When attempting to personalize content, organizations typically face complex implementation with multiple tools that need to be integrated. Marketers are forced to rely on technical teams to get things done. As a native capability of the headless CMS, Personalize gives marketers control by removing friction throughout the personalization process. 

Personalize creates tailored experiences through two main features:

  • A/B/n Testing: Experimenting with content variations to understand what resonates with audiences and drive better results.

  • Segmentation: Building meaningful connections with near limitless permutations of targeted content by using AI to scale across audience segments.

“We’ve been developing this personalization solution behind the scenes in concert with customers – listening to their biggest challenges and building ways to overcome them,” added Conor Egan, VP of Product at Contentstack. “Now, marketers can create personalized content for a near infinite number of audiences in the same time it previously took to create for one. And it all lives inside the headless CMS.

Contentstack Brand Kit: Create Brand-Relevant, AI-Generated Content 

While Generative AI allows brands to create large volumes of content, the output remains generic. Brand Kit sits on top of AI Assistant, the native LLM launched last year. It allows marketers to create high-quality, AI-generated content specific to the brand across all channels and platforms. The process is also fully automated via new AI connectors within Contentstack Automate.

Brand Kit adds two new critical functions to the headless CMS:  

  • Knowledge Vault: A repository of brand assets such as documents, customer insights, and platform context that the LLM uses to supplement its knowledge and ground its output.

  • Voice Profiles: Customizable rules that shape AI content's tone, style, and language, with flexibility based on audience, intent, or channel.

Brand Kit is available to all customers and is already being used by brands like Golfbreaks, MongoDB, and others.

Expanded Contentstack Academy and AI Accelerator: No-Fail Promise to Customers

This next evolution of Academy educates customers on how to think about and act on composable digital experiences, including personalization strategies. In addition to focusing on Contentstack products, the expanded Academy will include best practices for building teams, choosing marketing tools, developing a content center of excellence, and more.

Contentstack now also offers an AI Accelerator program, which takes customers from zero to fully deployed with AI in 30 days. The program includes access to comprehensive tools and resources such as AI Assistant, workshops with Contentstack’s Technical Services Organization, and Academy courses. 

“Contentstack Automate, Brand Kit, and AI Accelerator have been indispensable during our CMS migration process, saving us significant time and money and countless hours in manual content auditing, tagging, and SEO optimization,” said Subi Babu, Software Development Lead, MongoDB. “The support we’ve received from Contentstack has enabled us to adopt AI as part of our critical business processes quickly, easily, and securely.”

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