Xiaomi Rolls Out MIUI 14 for Xiaomi and Redmi Smartphones

Xiaomi Rolls Out MIUI 14 for Xiaomi and Redmi Smartphones

Xiaomi India announced the rollout of the highly-anticipated MIUI 14 on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. With MIUI 14, Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones will not only deliver a more creative user interface with optimised performance but also innovative convenience functionalities, all-in-one creativity features and a more convenient experience that is minimal and clutter-free.

Boosted by Xiaomi’s latest software innovations, MIUI 14 includes new features like RAM and internal storage utilization, reimagined home screen, visually appealing widgets, creative wallpapers, and a host of tricks to improve the overall smartphone experience. Xiaomi 13 Pro - our latest smartphone Co-engineered with Leica will be the first smartphone from Xiaomi with the goodness of MIUI 14 based on Android 13 out of the box. 

Commenting on the launch, Anuj Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Xiaomi India, said, "Ever since its inception, MIUI has been a game-changer for countless Xiaomi enthusiasts, making a profound impact on their smartphone experiences. As a consumer-centric brand, we are extremely feedback oriented and MIUI 14 has been crafted based on real-time feedback from our fans, users, and partners. Built on the core pillars of creativity, convenience, performance, and customization, we have gone a notch higher to offer our users a more optimized and smoother experience. We not only strive to provide users with a flagship experience but also seek to empower them to express their creativity and uniqueness through their smartphones.”

More Boot-up Memory for Faster Speed

MIUI 14 is a carefully crafted operating system designed to cater to the needs of its customers, fans, and core users. By putting a spotlight on the way MIUI utilizes the RAM and internal storage, MIUI 14 has taken phone performance to a whole new level. MIUI 14 reinforces Xiaomi's promise of smooth performance with Smart ROM Optimization. This new system-level feature can drastically reduce the cached storage used by analyzing infrequently used apps and reduce the storage used by as much as 3GB over a period of three months. To further improve the user experience, the system space taken by MIUI has also been reduced. For phones with 128GB of storage, this can mean as much as 4GB of extra storage giving users the flexibility to install more apps. 

MIUI 14 also includes improved RAM Optimization giving users the fastest-ever boot-up experience. MIUI 14 uses 214MB (1) less boot-up memory, enabling one of the quickest boot-up speeds ever seen on a Xiaomi device.  In addition, MIUI 14 has reduced the RAM occupied by the 19 most-used system apps by 11%, including camera, clock, messages, and more, while also reducing the memory usage of apps running in the background by 6% compared to MIUI13. 

Add a touch of personalization to your smartphone

Customization lies at the core of the MIUI experience, and MIUI 14 elevates it with a set of 6 new incredible wallpapers adding up to a total of 39 visually stunning designs. MIUI 14’s new card-style widgets that add distinctive design elements are further enhanced by fluid animations offering a unique visual experience.

MIUI 14 also introduces three new clock widgets, four additional weather widgets, a photo gallery as well as redesigned options for battery, step counter and more. This rollout also reduces friction while accessing daily used apps by introducing a new enlarged folder. The visually aesthetic feature lets you launch an app inside a folder without entering it first. 

Smooth and optimized to go the extra mile

In addition to MIUI's classic features like a sidebar, sky filter, and dual apps, the latest OS brings cool new designs to elevate your experience. With MIUI 14, users can also enhance the overall aesthetics through a redesigned settings page. By reducing the number of redundant entries, narrower line spacing and more recognisable icons, MIUI 14 makes it easier than ever to get to the settings you want. 

Boost your creativity a notch higher

MIUI 14 embraces the creativity of users by giving them more tools for a better experience. New additions like the ability to copy text from a photo in the gallery, remove objects from an image, a voice-based shutter that lets you say cheese and automatically capture favorite moments, are designed to balance the needs of enthusiasts with easier access. MIUI 14 also builds on top of the much-loved sky replacement feature with the all-new background replacement feature that lets users express their creativity in new ways.   

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