Realme Launches Android 14 Beta1 Update For GT2 Pro Users

Realme Launches Android 14 Beta1 Update For GT2 Pro Users

Realme has announced that it has been working closely with Google in order to bring the latest Android 14 Developer Preview Program to the realme GT 2 Pro users which is now open on realme community. User experience has been of utmost importance to realme, and therefore the brand has ensured to provide the latest updates to its users in a timely manner.

Android 14 provides users with an improved battery life, enhanced PIN privacy, and much more. By taking some additional steps to protect user privacy, and bringing several improvements such as security-related changes and accessibility features, Android 14 is bound to improve the user experience.

It also introduces great new features and APIs for developers like Per-app language preferences, Grammatical Inflection API, Regional preferences, etc. Android 14 updates the system sharesheet to support custom app actions and provides more informative preview results for users.

Step-by-step Upgrade Process

Follow the following instructions to update to the Android 14 Beta 1:

·        Transfer the downloaded firmware to the phone storage.

·        Turn on developer mode

·        Go to Settings > Software Update > Settings in the upper right corner > Manually select the installation package

·        Select the downloaded firmware package, click install after loading

·        After the verification is completed, the system will be restarted and updated

Local Rollback Process from Android 14 Beta 1 to Android 13

·        Please back up your data before proceeding with the rollback process: Settings > Additional Settings > Back Up and Reset > Backup & Restore, and then select the data to back up.

·        Please keep the battery level over 30%, and do not turn off your phone during the rollback process.

·        In order to revert back to Android 13, please follow the same procedure you went through to join the Android 14 Developer Preview but by using the rollback package below.

Since the Android 14 Beta is still in the early stages of development and might not represent a stable enough user experience, this update is majorly meant for developers. Users are recommended to proceed with caution as some applications may not work properly, which includes Google apps as well as third-party ones. 

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