Realme Launches AI Flagship Killer GT 6 and Buds Air6 Pro

Realme Launches AI Flagship Killer GT 6 and Buds Air6 Pro

Realme announced the global launch of two groundbreaking products, the newest addition to its flagship GT Series and AIOT segment - realme GT 6, the AI Flagship Killer & the realme Buds Air6 Pro. Both devices, equipped with state-of-the-art features and intelligent design, are set to elevate user experience significantly. Since its inception, the realme GT Series has been the flagship of cutting-edge technological innovation and stands as a testament to realme's relentless pursuit of technological excellence. 

realme also partnered with AIESEC experts and a selection of tech influencers for the “AI for Youth: Revolutionizing Digital Lifestyles” roundtable event. During the event, the attendees discussed a wide range of topics exploring the beneficial impact of AI mobile technology on the transformation of young people's digital lifestyles and examining the future potential of AI technology centered around the smartphone experience.

Commenting on the launch a realme spokesperson said, “realme is excited to add to the realme GT Series with the realme GT 6, an AI-powered flagship smartphone that pushes the boundaries of mobile technology, and the realme Buds Air6 Pro, a cutting-edge audio accessory. The realme GT 6 marks a significant leap forward in integrating our proprietary Next AI technology to provide users with unparalleled intelligence and performance. Through the establishment of our Next AI Lab, we are committed to driving a smartphone revolution and making advanced AI solutions accessible to the youth. Similarly, the realme Buds Air6 Pro showcases our dedication to innovation, featuring revolutionary noise cancellation technology and delivering a truly immersive audio experience. We believe these new additions to our lineup will resonate strongly with our customers and reinforce our position as a frontrunner in AI-driven smartphone technology and premium audio accessories.”

Realme Launches AI Flagship Killer GT 6 and Buds Air6 Pro
Realme GT 6 Launching on June 20, Featuring 50MP Camera

realme GT 6 

The realme GT 6 is a testament to realme's commitment in delivering outstanding value and surpassing traditional flagship standards. Powered by the super-powerful Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset, it ensures enhanced performance with Geek Power Tuning. The device boasts a breathtaking 6000nit Ultra Bright Display for vivid clarity, making every visual come alive. It also features a top-tier primary Sony LYT-808 OIS Camera that excels in night video shooting, allowing users to capture their world in stunning detail. With the introduction of Next AI, the realme GT 6 offers a smarter user experience, transforming how users interact with their device.

The 120W SUPERVOOC charging and a 5500mAh massive battery ensures lightning-fast charging, achieving 50% battery in just 10 minutes. This means less time spent on charging and more time enjoying the advanced features of the realme GT 6. Offering a blend of power, performance, and intelligent design, the realme GT 6 is available in two stunning colors: Fluid Silver and Razor Green and three storage variants: 8GB+256GB priced at INR 35,999, 12GB+256GB priced at INR 38,999 and 16GB+512GB priced at INR 39,999.

realme Buds Air6 Pro 

The realme Buds Air6 Pro is the newest addition to realme's AIOT portfolio, promising an exceptional audio experience like no other. These earbuds are the first in the segment to feature coaxial dual drivers (11mm + 6mm), offering advanced auditory enjoyment. The realme Buds Air6 Pro also incorporates a remarkable 50dB Active Noise Cancellation and 4000Hz ultra-wideband noise cancellation, providing a comfortable and smart noise cancellation experience.

In terms of sound quality, the Buds Air6 Pro comes with High-Resolution (Hi-Res) Audio certification, LDAC HD audio codec, personalized audio algorithm, 360° spatial audio effect, Dynamic Bass Boost, and Mindflow mode, delivering an amazing stereo and surround sound field that stands out in the acoustics industry. Furthermore, these earbuds offer a full set of advanced features including a long-lasting 40-hour battery life, 55ms super low latency, 6-mic call noise cancellation, and dual-device connection 2.0. Available in a choice of two elegant colors - Titanium Twilight and Silver Blue, these earbuds are priced at INR 4199. 

Key Highlights: realme GT 6

Unparalleled Performance and Efficiency with Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset

The realme GT 6, powered by the super-powerful Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset, stands out with its robust 3.0GHz X4 prime core and an optimal 1+4+3 core configuration. It boasts an impressive AnTuTu score of over 1,650,000, ensuring seamless multitasking and superior task handling. The advanced 4nm process technology guarantees extraordinary efficiency, while the Geek Power Tuning ensures relentless power and performance. This device is a gaming powerhouse, effortlessly running popular games like PUBG, League of Legends, MLBB, COD, and Genshin Impact at full frame rates. Its gaming performance significantly surpasses devices equipped with processors like the Dimensity 9200 and Exynos 2400. Moreover, the excellent power efficiency of the 8s Gen 3 chipset makes the GT 6 a standout in both high-load scenarios and everyday use, generating less heat and consuming less power for sustained high performance and stability.

Advanced Iceberg Vapor Cooling System

The realme GT 6 is equipped with industry-leading Iceberg Vapor Cooling System including a 10,014mm² 3D tempered dual VC, significantly enhancing the cooling efficiency and ensuring sustained performance without overheating, even during intense gaming sessions. The cooling system is further bolstered by an impressive 9-layer cooling material setup. This includes a large 10,870mm² copper foil above the screen, a 7075mm superconductive graphite in the screen compartment, cooling gel, a 1420mm² mainboard top graphite copper foil, PCB, an 800mm² bottom copper foil, a 5300mm² press plate support graphite, and an AL metal support. These components work together to provide superior heat dissipation, maintaining optimal device performance at all times.

6000nit Ultra Bright Display

The realme GT 6 boasts the brightest smartphone display ever, setting a new benchmark with its unrivaled visibility, 6000nit peak brightness, and exceptional clarity for HDR content. This device offers a cinema-like viewing experience with Dolby Vision and Pro-XDR display support. Achieving maximum brightness is simple, either by entering Developer Mode or placing the phone under midday sun. The GT 6's display holds numerous certifications, including SGS Five-star Sunlight-Readable Display and Dolby Vision. It incorporates an 8T LTPO display, offering smoother viewing and significant power savings. With a high touch sampling rate, it ensures responsive control even in fast-paced gaming scenarios. The screen operates normally even when covered with water droplets or if the user's hands are wet. The display showcases 1.07 billion colors with a 10-bit color depth and 100% P3 color gamut coverage. Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2, the durable screen also features comprehensive eye protection, intelligently adjusting color temperature and brightness based on users' usage patterns.

Exceptional Photography Capabilities with Sony LYT-808 OIS Camera

The realme GT 6 offers a masterful photography experience, pushing the boundaries of mobile photography with its reimagined imaging system. Its 50MP Night Vision Camera features a Sony LYT-808 sensor with optical image stabilization, a large 1/1.4" sensor, and an f/1.69 aperture, delivering exceptional low-light performance and supporting 4K Dolby Vision video recording. The 50MP telephoto lens excels in both portrait and landscape photography, offering outstanding image quality. The HyperTone Image Engine enhances image quality without loss, making every photo look like a high-quality masterpiece. The device also features a Night Mode for clear images with natural tones and texture, and a Portrait Mode that supports both 1x and 2x shooting for refined and professional-looking portraits. With shutter delay optimized to within 200ms, you can instantly capture moments with a single press. The Street Mode 4.0 combines stabilization algorithms with Auto-zoom technology, allowing you to effortlessly capture decisive moments on the streets.

Deeply Intuitive NEXT AI

The realme GT 6 introduces a major AI upgrade with NEXT AI, supercharging your life with powerful hardware and advanced AI features. The device boasts an AI Night Vision mode, an industry-first feature that captures clear videos even in dark environments. The AI Smart Removal feature allows for automatic erasure of selected elements like “passersby” or “clutter”, smartly filling the background to salvage potentially wasted pictures. The AI Smart Loop identifies content selected and dragged by the user on the screen for quick sharing to third-party apps, simplifying interactions and saving time. This feature encompasses three main capabilities: Smart Recognition, which uses AI's pattern recognition and natural language processing to understand potential use; Simplified Operations, which reduces multi-step tasks into two steps through the new space wheel interaction; and Increased Efficiency, which predicts potential uses to reduce app switches and enhance work efficiency.

120W SUPERVOOC Charging with massive 5500mAh Battery

The realme GT 6 ushers in a new era of fast charging, boasting an impressive 120W SUPERVOOC charge that leaves even flagship models behind. Its powerful dual-cell battery and advanced power chip allow it to charge to 50% in just 10 minutes and reach full charge in 28 minutes. The device comes standard with a compact 120W GaN charger, ensuring a long-lasting and stable power supply. The GT 6 supports Smart Charging, intelligently adjusting charging speed based on the scenario and offering 38 layers of charging protection for safe charging even in extreme cold conditions. Its massive 5500mAh battery exceeds the flagship average, offering up to 46 hours of continuous talk time and 8 hours of PUBG gameplay. Even under fast-charging conditions, the battery retains over 80% capacity after 1600 full charge cycles, double the industry average, ensuring a healthy battery life for up to four years of use.

Nano Mirror Design

The realme GT 6 is a tribute to the future, showcasing the perfect integration of technology and craftsmanship. Over 30 fine processes are applied to create the industry's first nano-mirror back cover, highlighting the contrast of bright and matte metal textures. The shiny metal mirror texture uses nano-level mirror coating technology, overcoming challenges such as easy wrinkling to enhance texture, brightness, and saturation. This results in advanced reflectivity, making the surface smooth and bright. The Misty AG process features a mist titanium metal diffuse reflection texture that changes with light, showcasing a high-quality finish. Utilizing advanced 250nm grayscale lithography technology, 6000 lens curves are carved, and millions of micro-nano bumps are superimposed on the lens surface, discretizing the line light of the lens and creating an impressive diffuse reflection effect.

Advanced Signal Engineering

The realme GT 6 features the advanced Antenna Array Matrix 2.0, ensuring optimal signal connectivity in all scenarios. It includes strategically placed antennas, an expanded NFC interaction area, and an AI system that optimizes antenna reception based on hand positions. Additionally, Wi-Fi 6 support ensures faster downloads and smoother online experiences.

Additional Advanced Features

The realme GT 6 boasts a range of cutting-edge features, including an enhanced privacy encryption chipset for data protection, Tactile Engine Pro for realistic touch feedback, Hi-Res Audio Certified dual stereo speakers for superior sound quality, an infrared module for remote control functionality, and a speedy in-display fingerprint scanner for secure access.

Experience realme UI 5.0

The realme UI 5.0 offers intuitive animations that flow seamlessly in response to user interactions, creating a sense of fluidity and intelligent interaction. The File Dock feature allows for seamless information collection and transfer across apps in one step. The UI also prioritizes privacy with the Picture Keeper, which provides detailed control over app permissions, and the Strong Box, which protects encryption keys used by third-party apps within a hardware-based security module, ensuring users' private information remains secure.

Key Highlights: realme Buds Air6 Pro

Flagship Coaxial Dual Drivers in the Segment & Hi-Res Audio Professional Certificate

The realme Buds Air6 Pro sets a new standard in the price segment with its flagship coaxial dual drivers, consisting of an 11mm bass driver and a 6mm micro-planar tweeter. This unique hardware configuration, usually found only in high-end stereos, ensures a rich and powerful sound across all frequencies. The earbuds deliver a thick and powerful low frequency, a soft and beautiful middle frequency, and a transparent and bright high frequency. With a fully expanded frequency range of 20–40 kHz, the sound quality is richer and more delicate than ever before. The Buds Air6 Pro also boasts Hi-Res Audio certification and uses the industry's leading LDAC HD transmission protocol for superior audio transmission. Additionally, the personalized audio algorithm and 360° spatial audio effect provide a custom and immersive listening experience. With features like Dynamic Bass Boost and Mindflow mode, the realme Buds Air6 Pro offers an unparalleled auditory journey. 

Best 50dB Active Noise Cancellation in the Price Segment

The realme Buds Air6 Pro takes noise cancellation to a new level, offering the best 50dB Active Noise Cancellation in its price segment. The Buds Air6 Pro utilizes dual noise cancellation microphones and a six-core noise cancellation chip to achieve 4000 Hz Ultra-wide Band Noise Cancellation, providing an immersive listening experience even in noisy environments. Moreover, the Smart Adaptive Noise Cancellation feature intelligently identifies various noise scenes and adjusts the noise reduction depth accordingly, ensuring optimal noise reduction comfort and effect. The six-microphone design coupled with the ENC environmental noise reduction algorithm significantly reduces ambient noise during calls, making conversations clearer even in loud surroundings.

All-round Excellent Performance with realme Buds Air6 Pro

The realme Buds Air6 Pro is designed for an all-round excellent performance, starting with its impressive 40-hour battery life. Equipped with large-capacity batteries, a single earbud can provide continuous music playback for up to 11 hours. In terms of functionality, the Buds Air6 Pro offers a super low latency of 55ms in game mode, ensuring smooth synchronization of audio and video for an enhanced gaming experience. Moreover, it features dual-device connection 2.0, allowing users to connect the earbuds to two devices simultaneously for seamless switching between devices. These features, combined with the new Bluetooth 5.3 for fast transmission and strong anti-interference, make the realme Buds Air6 Pro a standout choice.

IP55 Water Resistant & Titanium Metal Style Surface

Certified with an IP55 rating, the realme Buds Air6 Pro are effectively resistant against sweat and splashes, providing protection from dust and low-pressure jets of water. Crafted with a titanium metal style surface process, the Buds Air6 Pro showcases a glossy metal texture that reflects the ultimate in technological aesthetics.

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