Product Review: Truke Buds Freedom

Product Review: Truke Buds Freedom

Digital Terminal Ratings(4 / 5)

Affordable wireless earbuds have revolutionized the audio market, making high-quality sound accessible to more people. The budget-friendly buds possess every commonly required feature including, decent battery life, comfortable fit, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. Read this tested and unbiased review by DT experts to explore one such affordable yet powerful earbud.

An Overview

The Truke launched its first Open-ear Wireless Stereo earbud Truke Freedom Buds in India. It boasts a premium design and looks and is available in two wonderful colour options: Sunset Black and Mint Green. The buds are comfortable to wear and stylish to flaunt. As this is a pair of open earbuds, the buds don’t go into the ear canal, rather, they rest gently on the ear top eliminating the potential health risk for long-term usage. The buds are a perfect companion for gym workouts, running, and cycling as it is made from flexible titanium wire with skin-friendly hooks.  

Truke Freedom Buds Features

Buds Freedom features a 16mm beryllium speaker driver that produces deep bass, clear highs, and immersive sound. The beryllium material makes the speaker both durable and light, improving its performance.

The Truke Freedom Buds boasts a smart anti-leak sound system to keep the listening experience private by preventing external sound from leaking out. Besides, it leverages quad microphones with PureVoice ENC Technology for clear calls. They also feature Wind Noise Reduction Technology, which removes background noise, making conversations easy to hear even in a noisy background or bad weather. This ensures your voice is heard clearly, no matter the environment.


The Truke Freedom Buds attributes a powerful 500mAh battery offering small size, enhanced Safety, and high density to ensure a reliable power source during longer usage.  During the testing phase of Truke Freedom Buds in our DT office, we found its battery power is unmatchable for this segment. To address the low battery performance, these buds leverage RapidPower Charging Technology, which enables them to work continuously for 6 hours in just fifteen minutes of charge. This feature is first-in-the-segment technology and adds a cap for gamers who prefer long battery life for uninterrupted gameplay without worrying about running out of battery.

The combination of a strong battery and fast charging ensures you can focus on your activities, whether it's gaming or listening to music, without interruptions due to low battery.

Bluetooth 5.4 and Voice-Assistance

With the Truke Freedom Buds earbuds launch, Truke joins a few brands that offer OWS technology in India at an affordable price. Buds Freedom is water and sweat-resistant and features 1Step instant pairing with Bluetooth 5.4. They enhance the gaming experience with seamless support for voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. Users can manage gaming sessions, check notifications, and control devices hands-free using simple voice commands, making the experience more convenient and immersive.


The Truke Buds Freedom is available at ₹ 1999/- on, Flipkart &

DT Verdict

After a keen observation of the features and functioning of the Truke Freedom Buds, DT concludes that it offers a robust and user-friendly experience with its powerful 500mAh battery, RapidPower Charging Technology, and Bluetooth 5.4 connectivity. The earbuds are designed for durability, being resistant to water and sweat, making them ideal for active lifestyles. We rate it 4/5.