ASUS Vivobook S 14 Flip

ASUS Vivobook S 14 Flip

Digital Terminal Rating(4.5 / 5)

ASUS recently launched the latest Vivobook S 14 Flip laptop which comes with many interesting features and modern design. The Vivobook S 14 Flip is one of the advanced laptops launched by ASUS and fits to the needs of professionals, students, creators as well as gaming enthusiasts. This detailed review by DT will help you know all about this laptop and its performance. Read the complete review for all details.

Stylish Design & Strong Build Quality

The ASUS VivoBook S14 Flip is a testament to exceptional design and built quality. From the moment you lay eyes on it, you can't help but admire its slim and sleek profile, crafted to perfection. When it comes to portability, the VivoBook S14 Flip excels. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around effortlessly. Whether you're working from a coffee shop, attending meetings, or simply moving from room to room, the laptop's portable design ensures that it never becomes a burden.

The built quality of the VivoBook S14 Flip is commendable. ASUS has used premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. The laptop feels solid and well-constructed, giving you confidence in its ability to withstand the rigors of daily use. ASUS has paid attention to the smallest details in the design and built quality of the VivoBook S14 Flip, resulting in a device that is not only visually appealing but also built to last.

Also, the laptop sports a versatile 360° hinge that multiplies convenience as per your work condition and body language to use it as a tablet, laptop, or tent mode. The lid of this model is manufactured of metal with the latest ASUS Vivobook logo. The ASUS Vivobook S 14 Flip is a sleek and ultra-slim laptop with only 18.9mm thickness and 1.5kg weight.

In-box Accessories

The ASUS VivoBook S14 Flip comes packaged with a range of useful in-box accessories. The box contains accessories like ASUS Pen 2.0, 45W charging adapter, power cord, some documents including antibacterial guard and user guide and obviously the laptop itself. By including these in-box accessories, ASUS demonstrates its commitment to delivering a comprehensive and user-friendly package.

ASUS Pen 2.0 Stylus

Along with ASUS Vivobook S 14 Flip convertible laptop, users get an ASUS Pen 2.0 stylus for accomplishing notebook-specific tasks that adheres to a pressure sensitivity of 4,096-level. This really helps while doing video editing, photography-related and other artistic work that requires minute detailing.

Useful Connectivity Options

The laptop has many useful connectivity options that can help you operate it easily. The laptop has a power input port, HDMI 2.1 port, USB 2.3 Gen 2 Type-A port, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, and headphone jack milta on the right side.

Whereas on the left side, there is a USB 3.0 Type-A port. Apart from it, you also get support of Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.0.


The ASUS VivoBook S14 Flip is a versatile and stylish laptop that features a stunning display, making it an excellent choice for multimedia consumption, productivity, and creative work. The laptop boasts a 14-inch IPS full HD touchscreen display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, providing crisp and vibrant visuals. The display comes with a brightness level of 300 nits, providing comfortable usage in various scenarios. ASUS has given Corning Gorilla Glass support in the display to make it more durable. Additionally, the ultra-narrow bezels surrounding the display contribute to the laptop's sleek and modern design, providing an immersive and edge-to-edge viewing experience.

The display of the VivoBook S14 Flip offers wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction. This means you can enjoy immersive visuals from almost any angle without worrying about color distortion or loss of image quality. Whether you're watching movies, editing photos, or working on graphic design projects, the display delivers sharp details and vivid colors, enhancing your overall viewing experience.

Comfortable Keyboard and Touchpad

The ASUS VivoBook S14 Flip prioritizes user comfort and productivity with its keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard provides a comfortable typing experience with well-spaced keys and sufficient key travel, ensuring accuracy and reducing typing fatigue. The touchpad is smooth and responsive, supporting multi-touch gestures for effortless navigation and control. The ASUS VivoBook S14 Flip incorporates a convenient and secure physical fingerprint scanner within its power button. This feature adds an extra layer of security and allows for quick and easy biometric authentication.

Powerful Hardware Support

The ASUS VivoBook S14 Flip is a versatile 2-in-1 laptop that combines sleek design with powerful hardware to deliver an exceptional computing experience. Let's delve into the hardware aspects of this device. The VivoBook S14 Flip is equipped with Intel Core i5-1335U processor which provides excellent performance. To complement the processor, the laptop offers up to 16GB of RAM, which allows for efficient multitasking and smooth operation of multiple applications simultaneously. ASUS has also allowed users to further upgrade the RAM up to 24GB. As far as storage is concerned, the Vivobook comes with high-speed 512GB PCIe Gen 3 SSD which allows users to excel their limits.

Hybrid work or work on the move requires a powerful battery for a continuation of work even from a remote area, which is well fulfilled by a Big 50WHr battery that is supported by a 45W fast charging feature. It works nonstop all day with one full charge including game play.

The powerful hardware of this laptop ensures smooth multitasking, fast application loading times, and seamless performance for demanding tasks like photo editing, video rendering, or even light gaming.

Other Important Features

The ASUS VivoBook S14 Flip features a Full HD 3DNR (3D Noise Reduction) webcam with a physical privacy shutter, enhancing both the quality of your video calls and your privacy protection. The Full HD resolution of the webcam ensures crisp and clear video output, allowing you to have high-quality video conferences, online meetings, or video chats with friends and family. The increased resolution provides sharp details and vibrant colors, making your video communication more engaging and immersive. Also, the device sports a two-way AI-based noise cancelation technology that eliminates background hubbubs from both sides for facilitating uninterrupted meetings, attending lectures, and similar activities.

The laptop is also equipped with stereo speakers that are enhanced by several audio technologies, including Smart AMP, Harman-Kardon tuning, and Dolby Atmos. This combination of features ensures immersive and high-quality sound for an enhanced audio experience.

Price & Availability

ASUS VivoBook S14 Flip is available at a price of Rs. 79,999 and you can purchase it from Flipkart.

DT Verdict

The ASUS VivoBook S14 Flip is a versatile and well-rounded 2-in-1 laptop that offers a combination of powerful performance, sleek design, and useful features. With its flexible form factor and robust hardware, it caters to a wide range of users, including professionals, students, gaming enthusiasts and multimedia enthusiasts. The laptop's performance is also commendable, thanks to its powerful hardware. The inclusion of SSD storage further enhances system speed, ensuring fast boot times and snappy application loading. The battery life is also very good and you can work full day without any battery related issues. Overall, the ASUS VivoBook S14 Flip is a solid choice for those seeking a versatile and high-performing 2-in-1 laptop. Based on its performance, we give it 4.5 ratings out of 5.