Using A Projector At Home: Five Incredible Ideas

Using A Projector At Home: Five Incredible Ideas

Authored by Mr. Vijay Sharma, Country Head India, Optoma Corporation

Our lives have dramatically been changed with the advancement of modern technology, and therefore technological products are now seen as necessities. In the past few years, especially after the pandemic, projectors have been one of those tech devices which have become popular and are now used in homes. Projectors offer larger than life images which create surreal experiences and a step forward compared to modern televisions. Users get the flexibility to customize the location and size of the display size that they want to enjoy. 

At Home the projector can be used to create multiple unique experiences at home 

1. Home theatre 

Bring the cinema to home, one can create a rival experience that of commercial cinema hall at home itself that too at comfort and safety of home. The experience of 8.4K million pixels which create an experience which is unrivalled and all the big sporting events, Shows, Series can be watched in their full glory. 

2. Story telling / Planetarium.

At bedtime, kids adore stories. Parents can showcase a variety of stories using a projector in their bedroom, making bedtime more fun. The small form factor of the projector helps it to be carried to different rooms and that setup is just on the go. Project the entire galaxy on the roof of your kid. Even adults can enlarge their e-books and read their preferred stories. Storytelling can become more interesting in this way.

3. Train wherever you are with a projector. 

Find your favorite video tutorial and follow the regime where you want to. It can be balcony, terrace, gym, now following your work tutorial has never been easier. 

4. Gaming

The technology required for serious gamers is now available in projectors. Gamers can have a 240 HZ refresh rate along with low input lag of 4ms for that extra edge. The Optoma projectors now come with special gaming modes to have the rightcolour and contrast for each of the unique game play. Optoma gaming projector supports two HDMI 2.0 for any kind of external 4K devices e.g., Apple TV 4K, PS4 Pro, and XBOX One. All Optoma projectors support 3D game play now gamers can have fun playing multi-player games with friends and family.

5. Working / learning at home 

Projectors can be used by parents to do homework learning and entertaining at the same time. Through videos, pictures, and gamified information, learning can be made more interesting. Study content is easier for students to comprehend and relate to. Spending hours in front of the computer with a small screen causes distraction and discomfort may it be work or studies. However, if you use a projector like Optoma you will be able to project meetings &online classes held at Zoom, Goole meet or any other collaborative software directly on the big screen. 

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