Addressing Concerns Around Responsible Generative AI - the AlphaSense Way

Addressing Concerns Around Responsible Generative AI - the AlphaSense Way

Authored by Raj Neervannan, CTO and Co-Founder, AlphaSense

As the AI revolution continues to gather momentum, generative AI solutions are increasingly in the spotlight for their ability to create novel content, from curating summaries, to generating human-like responses with images and graphs - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It's a game-changing technology that's making waves in various industries and transforming the way we work and interact with data.

As with any powerful technology in its early days, consumers and experts alike are raising concerns around generative AI’s potential negative impact on protecting intellectual property rights and privacy. Such concerns include (though is not limited to) the possibility that AI-generated content may infringe on the original work of others, and the possibility for misuse of personal data in training these algorithms - whether intentional or not.

At AlphaSense, we understand that with great power comes great responsibility, and we strive to use AI in a way that respects and protects user and content provider privacy. By doing so, our standard is to create an environment where AI driven responses can coexist with traditional research methods, and where we can all reap the benefits of this exciting new technology safely. A big part of this is ensuring that our data sources and training methods are clearly outlined and do not violate any intellectual property or privacy laws. We also make it a priority that content providers are cited when the search results with human like summaries are rendered. Furthermore, we thoroughly vet our AI-derived summary for accuracy to use only high-value content sources

Our Smart Summaries feature uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) and advanced Smart Synonym based techniques that we developed over the years to analyze our massive universe of content and quickly create a concise summary with the latest advanced generative AI. Users can save time and increase productivity by drawing insights quickly without needing to read the document first and look for only the most relevant information from vast amounts of data.

Imagine having your own personal assistant who can read, understand, and summarize thousands of pages of data that matters to your project in mere seconds. This is the purpose of Smart Summaries. As we develop new use cases like these in the AlphaSense platform, how are we ensuring that they are implemented responsibly, especially at a time when many are racing to get their new tools out there to the public? It's simple - we compensate trusted providers for their high quality, pre-vetted content, and aggregate and organize this premium content on our platform through AI, making it clear to the user what the original source is and context around its origin with citations. While our AI does the brunt of the work, we still give the user the ability to confirm authenticity and evaluate the source on their own by simply clicking the citation under each summary that takes them straight to the source.

This level of accountability and transparency is crucial in the responsible development and use of all generative AI technology, but particularly for the needs of our customers. No matter how innovative or creative a generative AI use case is, it can only apply to real world scenarios if the content being leveraged is sourced ethically and can be trusted by users to guide decision-making. 

This is not an unfamiliar scenario. Over the years, technological advancements have enabled humans to achieve the heights that used to be incomprehensible, but privacy and trust have always been critical obstacles in determining what will have a lasting, long-term impact. It's clear that AI applications will continue to flourish and evolve alongside challenges regarding safety and authenticity. Our goal is to continue innovating in this space responsibly and remain vigilant around how we are contributing to a powerful technology and the safety guardrails it requires to fulfill its maximum impact. 

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