Gaming market in India has gaining good traction since last few years. Leading brands have come in full support to emerging gamers and boost awareness about latest innovation. Acer being number one in this domain is working continuously towards bring best solutions for gaming community. In a recent conversation with DT, Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head of Acer India, shared his entire game plan for this market.

DT: What are your plans to support growth of gaming market in India in coming months?

Mr. Chandrahas: Indian gaming Industry has gradually picked up the momentum and today we are seeing customers for gaming PCs which cost much more than the conventional PC. E-sports and exposure to global gaming events and LAN gaming is enhancing the gaming experience for Indians. The Indian gaming industry has been continuously evolving over the past few years, and availability of better PC hardware for gaming has definitely helped to bring more people to PC gaming. Being the No. 1 laptop gaming brand in India,Acer is constantly innovating and re-innovating its products to provide our end customers the required machine. Acer has been working towards building strong foothold in the Indian gaming industry. The company has achieved many milestones in the gaming industry by launching an array of innovative gaming products in India. In 2018, the company introduced exceptional powerful gaming laptops, desktops and accessories like Acer Predator Helios 500 laptop, Predator Orion 5000 desktop, Cestus 510 gaming mouse and Predator gaming chair. In IFA 2018, Acer also launched the Predator Thronos which is a gamers cave in itself. 2019 will witness more path breaking products in laptops, desktops and accessories across price points. Our products are re-defining PC gaming and our fans can look forward to another exciting year.

DT: How do work with gamers to boost their confidence in taking gaming as serious career opportunities?

Mr. Chandrahas: Since the last two years, we’ve been hosting the Asia Pacific Predator League, one of the biggest gaming tournaments in Asia completely hosted by Acer.  Besides this, we also host gamers’ meet globally, to connect with the gamers’ community to encourage educate and support them to take up gaming as a profession by equipping them with knowledge and the tools. Acer is also working our ecosystem partners to do initiatives which will boost the overall gaming industry in India.

DT: What all products do you have to offer serious gamers?

Mr. Chandrahas: We have two series of gaming PC’s, one is Predator and the other is Nitro. Predator is at the higher end, specifically designed for professional gamers while the Nitro Series is mainly for the casual to beginner gamers. We also have launched a series of Predator and Nitro accessories like mouse, headset, bags and mouse pads, which would give a holistic experience for gamers. To add on to the list, Acer’s Predator Orion Desktop is currently one of the most powerful gaming desktop in the market. Acer gaming monitors are also extremely popular in the market with features especially built around the gamer in mind.

DT: How do you support your channel partners to make them more aware about upcoming huge business opportunities in gaming Industry?

Mr. Chandrahas: Our partners have trusted Acer as a brand who offers powerful and stylish range of gaming laptops and desktop. With their support we have become the No.1 PC gaming brand in India for 2018. We work closely with them to sell our gaming range products, through their support; we see a great traction in the India gaming market. More and more gamers got chance to experience our products and understood our clear superiority against other brands. Our partners undergo frequent trainings and demos to help understand the differentiators and USPs of Acer gaming products. They play a crucial role in positioning Acer as a leader in the technology segment and has remained the key medium for us to reach our audience. We are extremely grateful to them for believing and supporting us throughout our journey.

DT: How do you maintain your market leadership and keep working to capture more market share in near future?

Mr. Chandrahas: When we launched Predator series in India, our aim was to bring in exceptional products for both serious gamers and enthusiasts that too at an unbeatable price range. We got overwhelming response from reviewers, tech experts and customers when we launched predator series laptops and accessories in India for the first time. Acer quickly became the No.1 PC brand in the Indian gaming market.  This is a result of Acer’s strong focus on innovation and commitment in offering cutting edge gaming products to Indian customers. Acer India has been at the forefront of pushing PC gaming envelop with our Predator and Nitro series and we are grateful to our fans, our partners and our customers for their constant support that has helped us achieve this milestone.