“UBON Committed to Provide Best Services to Their Customers”

“UBON Committed to Provide Best Services to Their Customers”

India is the largest mobile phone market globally after China. At present, more than 90 per cent of the mobile parts are imported into India, and the segment relies heavily on shipments from China and Taiwan for handsets. Under the Make in India initiative, the Government endeavors to encourage local manufacturing by providing incentives and other support.

Talking to DT, Mandeep Arora, MD, UBON said, “With the Government’s support, the sector will go through a huge transformation. India is anticipated to account for a significant portion of market share in the overall market of mobile phone accessories during the forecast period. Factors such as, increasing penetration of smartphones among masses is anticipated to fuel the growth of the India mobile phone accessories market. Such factors are poised to increase the use of mobile phone accessories across the region and anticipated to drive the growth of India mobile phone accessories market over the forecast period.”

Commitments for Quality Products and Best Service Support

Quality and company reputation are more closely linked. Mandeep added, “Being one of the leading manufacturers, we tried to provide better quality products every time. Customers always come back when a product is good, even if the price is high. A quality product creates unshakeable customer loyalty that generates increased leads. When customers find a product they trust, they return, make repeat purchases, and recommend the product or service to others.”

He further added, “We assure that our customers feel at home with us. We leave no stone unturned in keeping our customers happy. We believe in providing the best services to our customers, because Commitment to consumers is our top priority. Our products are a result of a thorough R&D and in-depth understanding of the needs of consumers.”

Business Strength

“We follow boh the business model and our products are selling goods both online and offline. We have equal focus on both the verticals. We believe to have a strong business model you should know the right audience and should deliver 100% service to them. This is how business models work,” concluded by Mandeep.

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