PC market has grown very exponentially in last few years across India. The growth has been fueled many factors but Digital India is one project which has contributed a lot in pushing digital awareness at a larger level. Even the technology advancement and affordability have played a key role in the growth of PC market in India. The market is not restricted to players who are ruling this since last so many years. Indian customers are very sensitive and they seek innovative and quality product under their budget. Today use of technology has also become a style statement and people switches devices very quickly if they don’t full their requirement.  AVITA, one of the well-known PC brands, has observed the requirement of Indian customer very closely and has brought many Laptops which really found its space in so competitive PC market. The brand has already started getting great attentions from Indian customer due to its look, durability, and performance. The brand has gained huge success in recent time by establishing a strong retail channel base and looking further to expand this across India. DT interacted with Seema Bhatnagar, Country General Manager, Nexstgo Company Ltd. to know more about overall growth and channel plans.

DT: What opportunities do you seek in the Indian PC market to grow? What is your approach to tap the growth opportunities here?

Seema Bhatnagar: We are a tech lifestyle brand. With the tag line “Live It Up” imbibed in our DNA, we offer the customers a unique experience and empower them to carry their own style. Not too many brands exist in this segment as of this moment and we are here to make a change from a Black & Silver dominated market to Colors & Patterns.

DT: What are the new trends in PC and Laptops market?

Seema Bhatnagar: Consumers are very mature nowadays and as a vendor, we always believe in staying ahead as per the trends. Customers now look for thin & Light, superfast SSD, Windows Hello support and all our SKU’s are in line with the latest trends and technologies. We have a huge range of products from Celeron, i3 to i7, from 128GB to 512 GB.

DT: Please tell about the product portfolio you are offering currently?

Seema Bhatnagar: We have two broad product lines, one each under the brand names Avita and Nexstgo. Avita is our range of consumer laptops where we offer colorful and vibrant designs across the range. While Nexstgo caters to the commercial market segment with the incredible build quality and fully-loaded in terms of specs. These machines are also designed keeping in mind extreme operating circumstances and are built to withstand extreme weather and environmental situations. The Nexstgo range passes 12-Mil Spec standard ensuring extreme durability. The highest selling model for us is our Avita i5/256gb/8gb/14”

DT: How is the offline availability of your PCs? Please share your channel expansion plans to increase your presence across the country.

Seema Bhatnagar: Offline partners are very important for us and we work very closely with them. We provide all sort of support to partners in reaching to customers. We have a very aggressive plan this year to expand our reach across India with the help of offline partners. Currently, we’re placed across 160 MBO’s across the country, along with 4 of our own exclusive brand shops as of now. The plan is to have about 50 brand stores by the end of this fiscal year.

DT: How do you take care of service support to your loyal customer?

Seema Bhatnagar: Along with a 2-year standard international warranty, we have an elaborate network of ASC’s across 41 locations throughout India. We feel these factors significantly add to the credibility of our brand

DT: What will be your target in terms of market growth by 2020 in India market?

Seema Bhatnagar: IDC data says that for FY19-20, the estimated total sales would be 3.6 million units for the consumer laptops category. Since our product offering is neither traditional nor comparable to most laptops owing to the unique nature of offering itself, we aim to define a new sub-category in the laptop market – while the task is not a simple one, every journey begins with a single step and we feel we have taken the first one in this crusade.