Mohh Partners with Dybo to Offer Immersive Shopping Experience to Customers

Mohh Partners with Dybo to Offer Immersive Shopping Experience to Customers

Mohh collaborates with 3D product visualisation and AR platform Dybo. The association is an attempt to offer an immersive shopping experience to customers. Both companies together are introducing an immersive shopping experience. The technology lets the customers hyper-customise the designs, view them from all angles and with the aid of AR, enable them to see the products in their home with the click of a button.

An initiative by Satin Neo Dimensions Pvt. Ltd., Mohh, a new venture, Mohh entered into the consumer space by utilising the expansive manufacturing set-up to deliver modern & contemporary designs for the urban Indians. Their ethos is to deliver high quality products with a special emphasis on design and use of various raw materials, at a pocket-friendly price to its vibrant, cosmopolitan and young at heart audience.

Dybo’s 3D product visualisation and AR technology empowers e-commerce brands, across industries, to offer a superior and futuristic shopping experience to their customers. Their solution is the perfect marriage which helps customers to realistically view the products in their space - making it synonymous with the certainty of offline shopping while providing the convenience of online shopping. Dybo’s technology makes Mohh’s customer designers in their own right, by letting them customise products as per their liking, viewing them from all angles and enabling them to see the product in its exact dimensions and realistic finish in a space of their choosing. This 3-pronged approach is delivered effortlessly using a smartphone.

In India, buying furniture is considered a big investment and there’s still hesitancy to purchase it online, as they’re unsure of how the product would look and if it’ll fit in their homes. Building on this pain point, Dybo has developed this technology and Mohh has introduced it on their website. The technology allows visitors to design their products, generate 3D visuals of it and with a click of the AR button, view it in their desired space simply by using their smartphones.

Mohh as a brand endeavours to bring unique and new designs to the Indian marketplace - all conceptualised and manufactured in India. Mohh tries to maintain a balance between providing eye-catching and versatile designs which are an easy fit in all spaces whilst providing maximum comfort and utility. Constantly experimenting with traditional raw materials as well as new, sustainable offerings in the market, the elegance of Mohh’s modern furniture designs provides an individualistic look to each product separating it from the cliched ones flooding the market.

Mohh offers a wide range of products, and their design language and manufacturing process makes customisation possibilities endless. Before, Mohh was manually creating and managing multiple product visuals, now with Dybo’s technology they will be able to visually showcase the myriad design options seamlessly. Bringing Mohh’s founder Pritika’s visionary customer experience to life using Dybo’s technology is an exciting opportunity for both teams.

While talking about the collaboration, Mohh’s founder Pritika Singh says, “The difference between success and failure for today’s D2C brands is the customer experience provided. While we create the basic designs for our customers, we wanted to give them the power and freedom to choose from various colours, wood types, veneers and fabric options to curate the final look which would fit in their homes. Additionally, purchasing furniture isn’t an impulse decision and as the Indian consumer is slowly getting comfortable making the big purchase online, we wanted to give them the confidence and nudge them in the right direction by providing a 360 degree view of the product. The ability to view the product in its exact dimensions and shortlisted finish using a smartphone with the AR powered technology, is just the cherry on top of the cake. Dybo’s bouquet of services is the perfect fit and the need of the hour, its our hope that all Mohh visitors will also immensely enjoy the personalised and tech-enabled shopping experience.”

Recently launched in India, Dybo’s technology creates high-quality product visuals showing a full 360° view of every available product configuration. Customers can also understand furniture spatially by virtually placing these products in their room using their smartphone camera. This not only gives the visitors instant gratification but also drives higher conversions for the brand.

Dhawal Jain, founder of Dybo says, “Next-generation customers want more than just basic pictures and videos while they are exploring online, they want a personalised and memorable experience that excites them. With Mohh, we saw an opportunity to create an engaging and premium customer experience. We wanted their customers to be able to make use of the vast customisation possibilities that the brand offers. Dybo’s technology creates high-quality product visuals showing a full 360° product view of every available product configuration, with the added benefit of AR. This not only gives them the ‘wow’ effect, but also helps drive higher conversion rates.”

With this partnership, the companies strive to provide a delightful and hassle-free furniture purchasing experience to Mohh’s visitors. It encourages them to shop through realistic visuals and enables them to experience any product as if it was right in front of them.

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