“It is Important For Organizations to Start Looking at End To End DevOps Automation”

“It is Important For Organizations to Start Looking at End To End DevOps Automation”

In the time when everything is moving rapidly, it has become so important for organizations to adopt effective technologies or tools to provide seamless user experience to its customers. The importance of DevOps has increased very much for building and releasing the software without any delay. JFrog is a leading market player in this domain and helps organizations with its effective DevOps platform for better output. To know more about its platform and challenges for this industry, Rajeev Ranjan, Editor & Publisher of Digital Terminal interacted with Kavita Viswanath, General Manager, JFrog India. Read below the excerpts: 

Rajeev: How do you see the changing landscape of software development and operations for larger companies? 

Kavita: With micro services and containerization, there is no doubt that software is becoming more and more complex to design, develop and deploy. With multiple dev teams working on products using different tools, it’s important that as a developer you have freedom of choice to pick the right tool and technology and at the same time as an organization, the delivery of the software is platform-independent. This is where DevOps comes into play. What customers are looking for today is a single product that can support almost all software packages and at the same time provide Security with SecOps by scanning for vulnerabilities and checking for compliance. JFrog does exactly this for all its customers through a single platform. 

Rajeev: What new opportunities are evolving for market players in this domain? 

Kavita: DevOps overall is going through its own journey where companies are re-inventing their own processes with the help of tools available in the market. Having said that, in DevOps automation SecOps and CI/CD are definitely emerging as big areas of opportunity. Our recent release last month is CI/CD Pipelines that is a declarative, modern tool for containers + legacy apps. It automates code to production with advanced capabilities for cloud native apps.  

Rajeev: What sort of advancements does it bring to the application development practices to benefit enterprises in the long run? 

Kavita: DevOps benefits are not just limited to automating software delivery, but it extends all the way to the customer experience you want to provide. Imagine you are a Tesla customer; would you rather wait for an hour or two while your car is updating its software version? Or picture this, you are watching Netflix and your favorite episode is stalled due to a software update? All these today happen seamlessly in the background, with no impact on customer experience. This is the role of DevOps and JFrog enables this. 

Rajeev: What kind of challenges do you face being in this particular technology domain? What remains your core strategies to deal with these challenging situations? 

Kavita: It is important for organizations to start looking at end to end DevOps automation to focus more on building and releasing software fast. While this trend is picking up, one of the main challenges continues to be in choosing a platform that provides you with all capabilities from code to production. Jfrog’s latest release of the Unified Platform does exactly that. It provides enterprises with a Universal package repository, SecOps, CI/CD and software distribution all in our platform on hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

Rajeev: What is your growth roadmap to further expand your business in the Indian market in the coming days?  

Kavita: India is an important R&D centre for JFrog and many of our core products such as Pipelines, Installers, Insight, etc are built out of our Bangalore office. Apart from that India is also a critical support centre that provides end to end support for enterprise customers across APAC and EMEA. While we are scaling rapidly in R&D and Support, we are also working on building a strong Sales & Business Development and Alliance team in India. We don’t disclose customer names, however, you can say that the top e-commerce, cab aggregators, banks and IT/ITES companies in India are JFrog customers. The product roadmap is confidential.

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