Indian Organizations Tend To Follow The Global Market In Adoption Of New Tech

Indian Organizations Tend To Follow The Global Market In Adoption Of New Tech

The wide adoption of Artificial Intelligence is shaping many sectors and enabling the organizations to achieve sustainable growth. The wide impact of Artificial Intelligence across the verticals is expected to bring more efficiency and make the organizations future-ready. 

AI is redefining the decision-making process of modern-day CTOs and CIOs for greater outcomes. The latest findings have shown the increasing impact and adoption of AI-based solutions across the major segments. Mr. Satish Pala, Senior Vice President – Digital Solutions, Indium Software said, “The recent findings on AI are a culmination of interest, research and investment in AI technologies in the last decade or so.  Implementation of AI technologies like ML, NLP, Computer Vision, RPA and Virtual tech has become a key factor in digital transformation of companies. It will not be a surprise to see AI driving businesses by 2030 globally. While advanced tech companies have an upper hand now, it will eventually even out with rest of the companies embracing AI tech.” 

Increased Adoption of AI-based Solutions 

“Indian organizations tend to follow the global market in adoption of new tech. However Indian Fintech and Mobility players have shown the way to the whole world. Our payment solutions and innovative mobile apps have embraced AI tools and are growing rapidly due to the efficiencies and better customer experiences. Indian organizations in sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, education and the government will adopt all AI tools as a major driver to boost the growth. Some will surge ahead and rest will follow eventually. Especially in the new norm, efficient, creative and innovative business models are required and AI tools provide this edge” stated Satish Pala, Indium Software. 

Solutions to Offer   

Satish Pala, Indium Software said, “Indium Software has been enabling businesses with the adoption of next gen technologies for building solutions and products to gain the competitive edge. Some of our key differentiators that function as drivers for organizations to grow using advanced tech are: 

  • ML based Analytics solutions like IOT Analytics, Customer Analytics, Image and Video Analytics
  • Our product, tex.AI which is an Ai based Text Analytics suite of solutions that offer Text Extraction, Redaction, Summarization & Classification. In addition, it includes other solutions such as data scraping, validation, clustering, topic modelling, etc. helps produce structured data, metadata & insights. Some key benefits include:
    • Prioritize and address the focus areas based on topics being discussed in reviews and complaints
    • Reduce the time in extracting tables from various types of documents
    • Save time and effort by extracting & categorizing from large volumes of content.
  • Our data engineering and full stack development solutions compliment our data analytics solutions to provide holistic solutions to our customers. 

The Sales Model to Support The Growth 

Talking about the sales model, Satish Pala, Indium Software added, “Our Sales model for solutions include channels like, Direct sales – We have sales team that are equipped to sell directly to our prospects. We also have Cloud Partner to sell alongside them or through them. Our Sales model for product includes self-serve (POC and then sale), transaction sales (volume and licensing) and enterprise sales (product license and professional service).”

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