Huawei announced that the company has rolled out a software update on its latest flagship device- Huawei Mate20 Pro.

The software update brings with it support of ViLTE (Voice over LTE) that enables video calling without the need for a third party application. Additionally, the update will also integrate Google’s latest security patch for improved system security.

Coming to all Huawei devices soon, ViLTE is a conversational video service, which is based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) core network. As ViLTE eliminates the need for a third-party application, it allows consumers to take advantage of video telephony services- providing an enriched experience through network level communication.

Powered by the world’s first on board AI Kirin 980 processor and dedicated NPU, ViLTE will enrich the overall calling and video experience of the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro users. ViLTE will be supported on the Mate20 Pro by most major telecom operators in the country.*