“Hirect Provides A Unique And Distinctive Way Of Hiring The Right Talents”

“Hirect Provides A Unique And Distinctive Way Of Hiring The Right Talents”

Today, hiring the right talent is quite challenging task for organizations especially in post pandemic era. The recruiters and job seekers face many challenges due to the communication gap. But now there is an abundance of hiring platforms that resolve the issues related to hiring. Hirect is a chat-based app that works as a link between job seekers and organization. As the hiring process has completely changed in the post-pandemic world, chat-based hiring apps are being adopted on a large scale. Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal recently talked to Raj Das, Co-Founder & CEO, Hirect. The discussion revolved around the journey of Hirect, their USP, key technologies that they harness and growth plans. Read below the excerpts:

Rajeev: Please tell us about the journey of Hirect so far. What has been the key growth enabler for you?

Raj: Hirect is a chat-based, direct hiring platform designed for high-growth startups and SMEs to meet their hiring needs without consultants and with 100% data privacy.It was established in the year 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with the vision to connect Indian’s startup ecosystem with the great human talent with in a day and the cost of one meal. Hirect has clocked nearly 5 million downloads, 2 million active job seekers and 60,000+ verified startups in its platform.

The key growth enabler for Hirect has been prioritizing on the customer experience and improving the algorithm of the application. As start-ups have been emerging as key drivers of economic growth and job creation and are the catalyst for radical innovation; Hirect has been serving as the link between job seekers and entrepreneurs, making the recruitment process faster and smoother which has been the primary growth facilitator for Hirect.

Rajeev: What were the key challenges that recruiters and job seekers were facing earlier that you have resolved now?

Raj: There were several challenges that the job seekers and recruiters face which have resolved by Hirect with its unique features.The most significant challenges that recruiters face when they recruit top talent are as follows:

  1. Time and cost: Recruiters invest a lot of money when they recruit new employees.
  2. Discoverability: Startups post a job and wait for candidates to apply which is not an efficient way of hiring right talents.
  3. Communication: Recruiter who calls at an inopportune time is less likely to reach a jobseeker as candidates are less likely to answer calls from unfamiliar phone numbers.
  4. Privacy Concern: Candidates who are not shortlisted sometimes spam the recruiters they have met during the hiring process.
  5. Mobile Accessibility: A recruiters needs to access their laptop to hire on the web. Hiring is thus limited to office hours and weekdays. 

While the jobseekers face the following issues in the recruitment process:

Job Scams: Digital Hiring Platforms are full of scamsters while they ask for money from the candidates by promising jobs.

No Response from recruiters after applying: Recruiters drive the conversation on traditional platforms. Applicants cannot do much after applying for jobs. Most of the time, their profiles are not even reviewed.

Privacy Protection: While creating a profile on a traditional platform, personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and resumes are at a higher chance of exposure which results in random calls from unknown numbers.

Leveraging the power of AI, Hirect has solved all the issues faced by the recruiters and the jobseekers with its unique features like direct chatting, AI-tailored profile recommendation, in-app video interview without navigating to other platforms, which made the entire process more efficient than the conventional ones.

Rajeev: How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforming the hiring process? How does AI eliminate the issues related to fraud in hiring?

Raj: Hirect is an excellent example of AI integration; there have been several cases of fraud in the recruiting process, and AI plays a critical part in removing this threat. Hirect analyses inconsistencies in data to seek for fraudulent actions, recognizing questionable job listings or profiles, and thereby reduces employment frauds. The AI takes important precautions to safeguard the safety and security of its users by verifying and validating firms and recruiters using approved papers and recording behavioral patterns of both recruiters and candidates.

Rajeev: The hiring process has completely changed in the post-pandemic era, so how does Hirect make the hiring process simple and fast for startups?

Raj: The hiring process has changed drastically in the post-pandemic era. Hirect is powered by artificial intelligence, helps recruiters to make the right decision about who to hire in a very short span of time.

Hirect’s new aged algorithm makes matches the job profile with the right candidates and helps filter out the right profile making the hiring time frame much shorter. Also, it is allowing direct chat between the recruiters and job seekers by eliminating consultant in between, hence, making the hiring process smoother and faster than the conventional one. Till now Hirect has managed to reach 2 million+ verified job seekers with 60,000 plus verifies recruiters.

Rajeev: As there are many other recruiting platforms available in the market, what's unique about Hirect which makes it stand apart from competitors?

Raj: Despite of the abundance of the recruiting platforms available in the market, Hirect provides a unique and distinctive way of hiring the right talents through its application. Hirect stands out in the hiring market with its unique and distinctive features like chatting directly with the decision-makers of the company. The recruiter will have the access to the talent pool in no time after logging into the application, recruiters can easily schedule interview without navigating to any other platform with its unique voice and video calling features. The AI-powered matching system helps the recruiters to find the right talent in no time and with 100% data privacy. Considering all these features we can say that Hirect stands out in the crowd and severs a catalyst of change in the hiring industry.

Rajeev: How do you see the growth prospects for Hirect? What are your plans to further expand your business in the year 2022?

Raj: Following the pace of rapid growth, Hirect is eyeing to expand its presencein all the tier 2 and 3 cities of India focusing majorly on bolstering the country's startup hiring scenario We are also planning to expands our business to other countries and targeting add more features to our products while increasing customer base in the year 2022.

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