Directi Concluded Annual Referral Program

Directi Concluded Annual Referral Program

Directi recently concluded its annual referral program. The Referral Extravaganza, a hiring initiative for Lead Engineers, garnered over 100 referrals, and successfully brought on board five bright talents.

The Referral Extravaganza was designed to drive recommendation and build a strong pipeline of candidates to foster company’s growth. Referral program is an impactful inventiveness to encourage current employees to refer intellectual and meticulous candidates to the organization, and in return they are rewarded and gratified. Outstanding employees in an organization are likely to identify similar talents, be it their batch-mates or juniors. More that 70% of candidates referred are academic acquaintances of Directi employees. Employees with two to three years of experience exhibited great enthusiasm to participate, as more than 52% of referrals came from relatively young employees.

A visibly happy looking top winner, Prashant Rangarajan walked away with a swanky KTM Duke Bike, and also won the cash referral amount of 50% of monthly salary of the joinee referred by him.

Ameya Ayachit, Head Talent Acquisition, Directi, stated, “Referral program is a tested way to scout for great talents, as most of the referred candidates demonstrate to be better fit for the position. This is purely because our employees understand Directi’s work culture, and know exactly what the company wants. It is also about their own reputation, thus they always try and put forward their best recommendations.” Adding more about The Referral Extravaganza initiative, he added. “Hiring referred candidates, bolsters the relationship between the referrer employees, and the company, and makes them company’s worthy advocates. We completely believe in this mechanism to draw great talents, and we want to raise the stakes even higher in our next mega referral program, which may include cars and paid vacations.”

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