PhotoFast Launches 4K iReader MicroSD Card Reader for Apple

PhotoFast Launches 4K iReader MicroSD Card Reader for Apple

PhotoFast, the leading premium iOS smart accessory company based in Taiwan, is introducing the new 4K iReader microSD card reader for Apple, in response to Apple users’ urgent demands for better storage, transfer, and backup solutions following the release of the new iPhone 7 series. The iPhone 7 series is equipped with 12-megapixel sensors that record 4K high-definition videos, but at the expense of storage space and high bit rate.

Taking this into account, PhotoFast has put together years of experience in developing excellence to create the new 4K iReader, providing Apple enthusiasts the all-in-one high-speed storage solution.

Featuring the Lightning and USB 3.0 dual interface, the PhotoFast 4K iReader allows users to purchase memory cards according to each individual’s needs. The choice of memory capacity is yours; enjoy easy cell phone access, along with the convenience of high-speed transfers and backups.

The PhotoFast 4K iReader is streamline-thin, lightweight, and easy to carry. Furthermore, the 4K iReader now stands to be the only product in the industry that supports DJI firmware upgrade; users are able to download firmware in the PhotoFast One App, save in PhotoFast 4K iReader and upgrade DJI anytime anywhere.

“We have prepared ourselves for the era of 4K ultra-high-definition videos with the world’s first 4K iReader microSD card reader for Apple. But far from being complacent of our ready achievements, we are devoting further effort to the PhotoFast One App. Apart from the usual music, photo, video, and contact backup; the app also supports Dropbox, Google Drive, and other variations of cloud backups,” comments Mr. Warren Wang, CEO of PhotoFast. Wang further added, “From the previous hot-selling CR8800 to our current 4K iReader, one can see that there’s more to it than just a card reader. Since its establishment, PhotoFast has been following Apple’s footsteps in providing consumers more intuitive and direct products, and also strengthening the integration between hardware and software; all this, to provide Apple and PhotoFast users a comprehensive storage solution. "

The PhotoFast 4K iReader can help users store up to 59 BD high-definition videos, or over 10 million MP3 songs (estimated with the largest 256GB microSD card available on the market). Be it direct viewing via iPhone, instant access/upload to an action camera or drone, or having content played out in the car or on your smart TV at home; the PhotoFast 4K iReader does it all with remarkable ease.

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