“Crucial by Micron Products Are Very Reliable, Durable and Excellent in Quality”

“Crucial by Micron Products Are Very Reliable, Durable and Excellent in Quality”

Micron being a leading storage tech brand in India has been bringing innovating product line up for all set of customers. Its industry leading capabilities of manufacturing the advanced and reliable storage solutions have put it on the leading position in India’s storage market. The brand has a huge network of channel partners who are supporting it in serving the Indian customers across any region. Bangalore is one of the focused market for Micron when it comes to southern India. Anant Sales Corporation is one of the important partners from Bangalore which is contributing effectively to the success of Micron. DT recently interacted with Mr. Chhagan Lal Purohit, Proprietor, Anant Sales Corporation to know more about Micron overall market presence in Bangalore.

Diverse Product Offering with Great Quality

Crucial by Micron has broad offerings in storage products segment and it is meeting the burgeoning demand in every sector. Commenting on the products offerings and performance, Chhagan said, “Crucial by Micron is a very known name and its products are made to meet every customer’s requirement. We are seeing good product demand in Bangalore due to the excellent product quality which drives better customer engagement for us. Since we have started the business with Crucial by Micron, the sales have been continuously increasing and we have great expectations in the years to come. The products which we are currently selling includes memory and SSDs. For these products, we can say that our customers are really happy therefore we also feel happy to sell Micron. Crucial by Micron products are really good both in quality as well as pricing. In addition to that, we are targeting to add enterprise class products to our portfolio so that we can further accelerate the growth in coming months. Ultimately, we can say that Crucial by Micron is the pioneer in India’s storage product segment.”

Great Service Support to Customers

Service support plays a decisive role in the success of any brand. Indian customers consider service as a big aspect while purchasing products. Hence, tech brands consider this very important aspect in order to make their way for a bigger and consistent growth. When asked by service support, Chhagan said, “The service support experience is paramount when we talk about Crucial by Micron. The company works for its customers and Crucial by Micron has a huge base of happy and satisfied customers due to best-in-class service support offered by the brand. First of all, Crucial by Micron products are very reliable, durable and excellent in quality so we don’t get complaints for Micron’s products. But in rare cases, if we receive any complaint then the service support provided by the company is outstanding. The product replacement takes only 1 week so each customer of Micron is happy. The customer retention ratio is also quite high which shows the kind of reputation brand has built over the time”

Fruitful Partnership

A business partnership needs trust and good support which leads to great growth. Crucial by Micron is a channel centric brand and support channel partners on all front to capitalize huge market opportunities. Sharing his thoughts about the overall experience with the brand, Chhagan commented, “Ever since we have started working with Micron, we have received good support on every front. Crucial by Micron contributes around 25-30% in our revenue which is huge. Also, we get on time product supply and there is no delay in the supply chain which is one of the best reasons this partnership is going strong. We have registered a very good growth in our journey with Micron and we want to continue this association.”

About Anant Sales Corporation

The company based in Bangalore was started in 2014 and deals in multiple tech brands. Their turnover for previous financial year was 39 crores and now they are targeting 10% growth. They are having great growth trajectory since their inception and they get 75% of business from Karnataka whereas South contributes to 25% of overall business. In it comes for business verticals, 70% of business coming from channel while 30% are corporate customers.

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