Kaizen Sets its Vision to Grow in Year 2023

Kaizen Sets its Vision to Grow in Year 2023

India's leading tech support company Kaizen has announced a new vision and strategy to widen its wings and achieve a huge growth rate. The company is on a mission to take the tech service support experience to the next level where every customer is happy and satisfied. With its strong portfolio of clientele, Kaizen aims to elevate the brand reputation in the market and reduce the turnaround time. Kaizen has all the leading tech companies on board which includes MSI, Crucial By Micron, Galax, ADATA, INNO3D, Nextron, Wipro, Mercury, Corsair, Cooler Master, Array Networks, Zotac, Plutus, and many others leading brand in India.

With the time, Kaizen has strengthened its position in the Indian market. The brand trust on Kaizen has grown exponentially and each passing year bond is getting much more stronger. Kaizen's remarkable growth in the market exemplifies its expertise and efficiency in providing an exceptional service support experience to huge customer base across India. Kaizen is fully committed to provide the best tech support across the country.

In its journey of more than a decade, Kaizen has regularly strengthened its growth and excelled in its field. It is witnessing flourishing growth which is derived from the collective vision of the entire team. Kaizen aims to enable all brands in its portfolio to seamlessly, and strongly connect with their customers in which service plays a key role. The ecosystem is constantly changing and Kaizen has acquired new plans for the year 2023 to accelerate its growth.

While talking to DT, Murali Krishnan, Director, Kaizen Infoserve shared his plans for boosting the company growth ahead in CY 2023. He said, “We have clearly set our vision, benchmark on service support is changing and we have set our domains very clear on how to change the methodology of customer service support in the country. We are redefining our business model, in this line we are planning to open multiple warehouses in the country. So we will have addition of at least 3 warehouses in Delhi, Calcutta and Mumbai where we have a branch office but we don’t have a warehouse. We are opening full fledge warehouses in these locations so that the turnaround time across the country can be brought down to 3-5 days.”

He further added, “In 2023, there will be no holidays for Kaizen and we will work all 365 days in the year. So customers can reach us anytime throughout the year. We will improve the benchmarks going forward in the year 2023. To resolve the customer problems, we are redefining our process. We are purchasing one more AI engine for reporting. So for the first time, we will have a pattern problem analysis coming from AI for kaizen. And from 15th August, we are going away from paper reporting. We are coming up with WhatsApp based receipt system for customers which has already been started off in Bangalore and we are expanding it city by city.”

With a clear vision and planning to give best service support to customers in India, Kaizen will continue to maintain it’s leadership position in year 2023 as well.

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