“We Are Associated with Crucial by Micron Since They Entered The Indian Market”

“We Are Associated with Crucial by Micron Since They Entered The Indian Market”

Micron is a leading storage brand in India and it has achieved quite impressive growth in a short span of time. The company offers wide range of products and its distribution network is very strong across India. Astro Computers is one of the key partners for Micron in Chennai and helping the brand in growing further. Next in DT’s ‘Partner Voice’ exclusive story initiative, we spoke to Mr. Sanjay Malhotra, Director, Astro Computers India Pvt Ltd to know more about storage market growth in Chennai.

Overall Association with Crucial by Micron

The partnership among brands and their partners directly impacts the business growth. As long as the association stays strong, the best results it would bringfor both. Commenting on the partnership with Crucial with Micron, Mr. Sanjay said, “We are associated with Crucial by Micron since they entered the Indian market. Our partnership with them is very old and we have nurtured it with big efforts. We had heard about Micron as a big brand in US and they were doing great especially in the enterprise segment so we were very excited to align with Micron.” 

He further added, “During these years, we have seen Micron growing in the Indian market and we are overwhelmed with the response we have been receiving while selling their products. Our journey has been very fruitful and we want to see Crucial by Micron become No. 1 memory product brand in India. This dream will be definitely fulfilled one day as they support all the channel partners and customers at every level. We understand the market and we are confident that this growth momentum will continue in years to come. Team Micron is very helpful as they understand us very well and value our feedback. In the beginning when we started selling Micron, we gave them feedback and later they came up with the redesigned pricing strategy which showed good results. Eventually, we are extremely happy being a valued channel partner of Crucial by Micron.” “Micron team is very supportive and they extend all possible help for us on every level. They make sure continuous supply of the inventory which is a big testament of their support for partners. Be it DRAM, or SSD that we are taking care of under brand Micron, they make sure that there is no shortage of supply. Apart from it, they are very aggressive towards taking part in expos and other marketing activities that bring additional opportunities for us. Also, they bring different schemes for customers and offer them exciting deal,” stated Sanjay. 

Factors Propelling The Product Demand Commenting on the factors that are escalating the demand for the products, Sanjay added, “Crucial by Micron has definitely taken a lead in terms of developing good quality products. All the products that Micron is selling in India has great quality that boosts the PC performance and customers are very much happy with the experience. Pricing is also one of the biggest factors for the brand to succeed in India. Micron is one of the most aggressive brands in the market and it takes them ahead of all. Product quality is absolutely fantastic as if we sell 10K units in a quarter then we see replacement for only 1 or 2 products. This exemplifies the quality of Micron products. We are extremely happy by selling their products and we don’t see any kind of complaints or flaws in the products we are dealing in.” 

“All the customers who are purchasing Micron products don’t switch to any other brand in their all future requirements as well. The retention percentage remains very high for Crucial by Micron and we often see repeat orders from customers who are taking Micron products,” he added.

Excellent Training Support

When a new product being introduced in the market, proper information is needed to sell the product in the market in an effective way. Putting across his views on the support from Micron’s local team about particular product, Sanjay commented, “I am very happy with the support that we are getting from local team in Tamilnadu. I want to give shout out to Mr. Suresh from Tamilnadu team who is the single point of contact for us and helps us on each front. Whether we need product video, detail, specification sheets, he provides us these assets very quickly. Even though, all the details are available on Micron website, but Mr. Suresh arranges everything for us each time we need them. So we are extremely happy with their support here from the brand.

Growth with Micron  

Briefing about the growth with Micron, Sanjay said, “We are selling a lot of products from Micron and their contribution to our revenue is great. Micron contributes around 12 to 15% to our revenue and this year we have seen good growth with Micron. Last year the contribution of Micron was 12% but this year, we have observed around 18% contribution so far and it may grow more in coming months. In the last financial year, our turnover was around 45-50 Crores and in this financial year, we are targeting to achieve 60 Crores.”

About Astro Computers

Astro Computers was started in 1987 and since then the company has witnessed a remarkable growth. They are selling majorly memory and flash products in the market like memory cards, pen drives, Internal SSDs, External SSDs, Internal HDDs, External HDDs, Enterprise HDDs, NAS HDDs, commercial RAMs, Enterprise RAMs and others.

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