uKnowva Facilitating 2 Lakh Interactions Among Employees with Its Social Intranet

uKnowva Facilitating 2 Lakh Interactions Among Employees with Its Social Intranet

We live in a world where the boundaries of work and office space are changing. With flexible hours, remote working and dispersed workforces operating in a digital workplace, a new era has opened up where collaboration and communication within a company have had to adapt to fit within this transformation. At the heart of this is the social intranet, a place where meaningful connections and real-time communication – integral to modern businesses – are possible. Recently, uKnowva revealed that its social intranet facilitates 2 lakh interactions among its employees.

The benefits of uKnowva's social intranet are multiple as it allows employees to search for information, communicate across the organisation and increase collaboration in the digital workspace. Additionally, it provides employees with the chance to capitalise on the knowledge and increases engagement across departments. By improving access to information, knowledge and communication, uKnowva's social intranet gives employees opportunities to collaborate and innovate, and thus increases company productivity. Built-in personalisation features also empower employees with quick information and insights on their personalised dashboards. This enables employees to improve their engagement and communication skills within the system. Social features such as liking, commenting and messaging help boost employee engagement and keep the employees connected so they’re more likely to feel like they’re part of a team. Thus, it promotes cooperation, collaboration and a sense of community by allowing interactions across different departments or people. 

“It is very effective for companies that have a remote working culture as it enables HRs to do employee engagement activities and every piece of content is connected to an individual worker in some way. Our social intranet is designed around people rather than content. It helps employees to know what's happening in the organisation with birthday updates, work anniversaries, involvement through community forums, polls and surveys, company news feeds and notifications and employee directories so people can get to know each other well even if they haven’t met -- all in one interface without switching tabs. The big advantage of this approach is that all employees have a stake in the company’s intranet. And there’s a collective responsibility to ensure information is kept relevant and up to date. There are tons of fantastic modules starting from instant messaging, file and document sharing, groups, staff directory with employee profiles, quizzes and surveys and much more that can solve many business challenges and criticalities. And all of this great functionality is supported by a powerful search tool. Employees can quickly and easily source information which improves corporate communication,” said Mr Vicky Jain, Founder and CEO of uKnowva. 

“Time-wasting tasks such as searching for old meeting notes, emailed status updates or written feedback is a thing of the past. The result is an environment where ideas spread and projects advance more quickly. Our social intranet network spurs collaboration. Having a centralised and easily accessible platform dedicated to communication empowers employees to contribute ideas and feel included. Unlike traditional settings where employees exist in information silos, our social intranet enhances the sharing of knowledge, pooling of ideas, and increases employee engagement and collaboration. It encourages employees at all levels to contribute, increasing innovation and productivity while discouraging micromanaging,” he added. 

uKnowva’s social intranet brings all the essential features internal communicators are looking for on a single platform to communicate better as well as recognise, reward, get feedback and drive company culture. This also helps companies cut costs and execute a powerful strategy with all the communication tactics in one easy-to-use solution.

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