“Businesses Need to Rethink Their Cyber Security Strategy”

“Businesses Need to Rethink Their Cyber Security Strategy”

With the rise in adoption of technology tools, the risk of cyberattacks has also increased. Cyber security is one of the most discussed topics nowadays as the cyber-attacks have witnessed sudden upsurge. Cybersecurity has a great impact on any organization irrespective of its vertical or size. Organizations are now investing quite heavily in boosting their IT infrastructure with the deployment of robust security solutions. With such increasing numbers of cyberattacks, there are huge opportunities for vendors to offer best security solutions. Digital Terminal recently interacted with Sujit Patel, MD & CEO, SCS Tech. He commented on the market scenario, opportunities, offerings and much more. Read below the excerpts:

Rajeev: What was the reason behind launching this venture? How has been the business so far?

Sujit: SCS vision is to make it the industry benchmark for value creation for clients. Our expertise in Digital Transformation encompasses people, process and products to collaborate with clients to deliver customer-centric, innovation-driven and state-of-the-art solutions. SCS integrates the real and the digital world adding value to the entire value chain from design to implementation, optimized with continuous data analytics. A modern digital enterprise can harness the immense power of data by gaining valuable insights to make fast and confident decisions.

Rajeev: Tell us about the growing risk of cyber threats that are affecting IT companies? 

Sujit: In this digital era, the internet has facilitated the quick adoption of technology by businesses making online transactions easier. However, with increasing digitalization, the number of cyber-attacks is on the rise. It seems organizations are not fully equipped to manage IT security and tackle security threats to their business operations. Cyber-attacks can adversely impact businesses as they can compromise sensitive data and disrupt operations causing detrimental consequences. Nowadays, hackers understand these cyber vulnerabilities and know how to exploit them. Hence, businesses need to rethink their cyber security strategy in order to cope with the growing menace of cybercrime and reduce cyber risk.

Rajeev: What are the recent tech innovations by adopting SCS Tech helping its customers deliver relevant business outcomes?

Sujit: Our innovation around technology is we have created a complete platform on which we can take data structured as well as unstructured, even from social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and plug it into a common database and then run our tools. So we have certain set of tools already developed for debriefing reports, for analytics, for dashboarding and based on the new clients of the new industry that we move into, we are developing new tool sets. We have developed AI and ML solutions like Predictive.

Rajeev: What are the upcoming trends we can witness in the IT solutions industry to decrease the risk of cyber threats?

Sujit: Cybersecurity is constantly changing. While it’s not a new field anymore, new businesses, software and devices are demanding new levels of data protection. And in some cases, completely new approaches. The current and future noteworthy cybersecurity trends are

  1. AI-powered cybersecurity
  2. The growing threat of ransomware
  3. The Internet of Vulnerable Things

Rajeev: What are SCS Tech’s key offerings and key USPs? What are your expansion plans outside India?

Sujit: SCS Tech expertise in Cyber Security, Disaster / Emergency Command and Control Centre, GIS, Cloud Solutions, IoT, and Digital Transformation using technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic process automation (RPA), and modern tools and techniques. We are a growing organization with a talent pool of 450+ team members with diverse experience in multiple domains and industry. Post Pandemic we are expanding our business in Middle east and far east.

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