“Cybersecurity Has Become So Complex That Organizations Cannot Handle It Alone”

“Cybersecurity Has Become So Complex That Organizations Cannot Handle It Alone”

Whether it is about organizations or individuals, cybersecurity has its own importance for best digital journey. The cybercriminals are more skilled these days and they are using new ways to attack on vulnerable IT infrastructure. According to the recent market reports, the cybercrimes have sharply increased in recent times especially in India where cybersecurity awareness is too less. So Cyber Security Awareness Month is very important campaign to boost awareness about cyber security. 

While talking to DT about the growing importance of cybersecurity in fast-growing digital world, Sunil Sharma, Managing Director - Sales, India & SAARC, Sophos said, “Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a great initiative to spread the awareness of best practices of cybersecurity hygiene. However, awareness is just a beginning, what organizations need is ‘Cybersecurity Preparedness’ and that is a continuous journey. Attackers are known to go after three areas of weakness to gain entry into an organization: people, technology and processes. Under cybersecurity preparedness, organizations need to invest in defense-in-depth that reaches all facets of the business, from phishing awareness to regularly patching and applying updates to secure software vulnerabilities.” 

Key Steps to Boost Cybersecurity   

Human errors cause most of the data breach incidents and people don’t follow proper cybersecurity hygiene to secure their accounts and digital assets. Highlighting the key steps to boost the security, Sunil said, “Every organization should start their cybersecurity journey by considering designing the best possible defense in depth strategy according to their business vertical and size of the business.

The second step is to work towards developing required cybersecurity posture by implementing cybersecurity solutions, processes and people. Then they should assign a budget to achieve the above two. If budget permits, they should do everything and if the budget is not that flexible then they should prioritise and implement phase wise.” 

Commitment to Support Organizations  

Cybersecurity has become so complex that organizations cannot handle it alone. There are two major reasons for it: organizations facing cybersecurity skills gap and cybercriminals becoming more and more organized and working as a community. This has put organizations under constant pressure. 

He further added, “Sophos comes with a combination of advanced cybersecurity solutions, a cybersecurity ecosystem called Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem (ACE) that makes all cybersecurity solutions talk to each other and take action against the sophisticated cyberattacks and Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. Under MDR, we provide a team of threat hunting experts that monitor customers’ environment 24x7 for any indicators of compromise, indicators of attacks and indicators of risk and take action against them.”

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