Supertron Launches SSRDP-Supertron Empowerment Centre for Mobile Repairing Training

Supertron Launches SSRDP-Supertron Empowerment Centre for Mobile Repairing Training

As the dawn of a new era begins, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s precious guidance and impeccable lessons on importance of emotional and physical wellbeing have inspired Mr. V.K. Bhandari, and influenced by Sri Sri and his philosophy Mr V. K. Bhandari wants bring in human values to society. 

V.K. Bhandari, CMD of Supertron has been focusing on supporting the underprivileged by providing education, health care and quality of life and also on spreading spiritual, ethical and human values since 2016. 

The Foundation has associated itself with Art of Living’s skill development program under its SSRDP Trust and has introduced a state of the art mobile repairing training center inside the Art of living International Centre, Bangalore in 2021. “We have developed our close cooperation in the field of empowerment and employability enhancement of youth” said Mr. R. N. Merani, Chairman SSRDP Trust.  

The initiative was aimed to provide holistic training of skill and personality development which will give opportunities to youth to move into careers of their choice. After getting a remarkable success from the first batch of students Mr. Bhandari initiates a step forward in touching the lives of thousands of youth.  

Supertron join hands with SSRDP and formed the concept of a SSRDP-Supertron empowerment centre, to introduce a chain of mobile repairing training, computer training & soft skill development centres, spread across the different region 

Now the active members of both the organization will start survey for places, proper infrastructures and set up the know how to set up further SSRDP –Supertron Empowerment Centres in different states with the support of Art of Living said Mr. V.K. Bhandari, trustee Supertron Foundation. 

Enlightened by the teaching of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mr. Bhandari takes a firm resolution to enhance and expand these activities of Supertron Foundation, thereby touching and improving the lives of the underprivileged members of society.

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