U&i Unveils New Affordable PC & Laptop Accessories

U&i Unveils New Affordable PC & Laptop Accessories

U&i launches four new laptop and desktop accessories to make your daily computing life easier. Introducing the Laptop Series 4-in-1 USB 3.0 Hub to expand your laptop’s limited connectivity, a Bomber Series Wireless Business Mouse-Keyboard Combo, a Click Series Wireless Smart Mouse, and Mouse Series USB Wired Mouse to keep your daily work activities as smooth as possible.   

When you opt for any new laptop today, you are bound to see those slim portable computing notebooks with just one or two USB 2.0 or USB-C ports, be it a standard business laptop or an ultrabook. While one is sure to use up your mouse, the other allows you to connect your printer or USB backup storage, leaving you with no more available ports. Expand those ports with the U&i Laptop Series 4-in-1 USB 3.0 Hub and gain four more high-speed USB3.0 ports for more of your peripherals. The device features four USB 3.0 ports with a dual-port USB connector allowing you to use it on any older laptop or desktop with a USB-A port or modern laptop with USB-C ports. The cable is a whopping 1.25-metre long which allows you to route it through your table or extend it towards the back of your monitor, making it super convenient to host multiple USB connections. Built using an alloy metal shell for extra sturdiness and longer life, and a smart chip to protect both your laptop and peripherals, the Laptop Series USB Hub is a must-have accessory for any work desk.

Older-generation desktops used a host of wires for their peripherals. Why not reduce the wire clutter a little by replacing with U&i Bomber Series Wireless Business Mouse-Keyboard Combo. Featuring a 2.4GHz wireless micro USB-A transmitter for the keyboard and mouse, the Bomber Series just requires one USB port for both input devices. Spanning an operating range of 10 meters, the wireless keyboard-mouse combo is of utmost beneficial for any work desk, be it with a desktop, all-In-one, or a laptop. If you are using a laptop only and just need a wireless mouse for better precision and speedy controls over that clumsy touchpad, then the U&i Click Series Wireless Smart Mouse is your best choice. The mouse offers you precise positioning with its 1000 dpi high-definition optical technology. Featuring full driverless plug-n-play with auto-power saving and DPI control at the click of a button, you can use it with any Windows, Mac, or Android operating system platform within seconds. And if you want to go old-school with a reliable wired USB connection, then check out the U&i Mouse Series Mouse with USB Cable. It features everything the Click Series Wireless Smart Mouse offers, so you don’t miss out on performance.   

Pricing and Availability

U&i Laptop Series, Bomber Series, Click Series and Mouse Series are available at an affordable price point of INR 2,199, INR 1,299, INR 699 and INR 399 respectively. The watches can be purchased from all the U&i outlets and other leading retail stores across India.

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