HealthPlix Rolls Out SmartScan Feature to Convert Physical Reports Into Digital Format

HealthPlix Rolls Out SmartScan Feature to Convert Physical Reports Into Digital Format

HealthPlix Technologies announced the launch of SmartScan – A feature that automatically scans patient lab reports, structures health vitals, and populates them on the EMR platform for doctors. The company has tapped into the latest AI-powered OCR technology and developed the feature in-house to equip doctors with advanced patient health information at the point of care.   

HealthPlix - SmartScan sits on the solid foundation of inbuilt intelligence of 100+ lab test templates to ensure the accuracy of the health vitals populated in the EMR - thereby making it future-ready. On average, a doctor takes 6-8 minutes to understand the patient's health history and analyze the physical test reports. SmartScan will reduce that time by 30-40 per cent and solve doctors' pain point of reviewing physical lab reports. 

“AI-powered OCR technology has revolutionized how medical records are managed and accessed. It has the goodness of a breakthrough technology meant to transform the industry and offer advanced patient health information at the point of care. Our journey in becoming the Intelligent EMR platform that delivers value for doctors has just begun. SmartScan boosts doctor-patient relationships”, said Subhadeep Mondal, Vice President - Products, HealthPlix Technologies. 

Commenting on the latest feature, Prashant Parmar, Head - Of Sales (Doctor Growth) HealthPlix Technologies said, “HealthPlix is on a mission to support the transformation of India’s healthcare ecosystem by bringing in new technologies to help the pillar of care delivery - doctors. We are razor focused on supporting them by automating mundane tasks with the power of AI and ensuring they get to spend quality time with their patients. Digital product innovations like SmartScan will revolutionize their journey and secure the future of healthcare.”  

Using AI-based OCR, data is digitized and converted into easy-to-use editable formats that help in automating organizational workflows. SmartScan is one such AI-OCR that works seamlessly within the EMR platform and allows patients to upload any lab test report for further diagnosis. It helps doctors with a ready view of current and historical test values. Importantly the feature seeks patient consent and uploads lab reports approved by patients in the test section of the patient dashboard. 

It is the first time AI-OCR was tapped by an EMR player in the Indian healthcare industry. It not only scans test reports of patients but also enables doctors to deliver precise and personalized care to their patients. By giving doctors knowledge about patients' health vitals even before they arrive at a clinic, it helps them save time and work more effectively.

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