“Make In India Program Instilled A Sense of Pride in Our Citizens to Own Made In India Products”

“Make In India Program Instilled A Sense of Pride in Our Citizens to Own Made In India Products”

The Make in India programme launched by government has empowered the Indian manufacturing industry. The government brought many reforms to make Indian manufacturing seamless. Consequently, global as well as domestic brands started to invest in India and manufacture high quality products for customers. Talking about the success of this revolutionary initiative, Himanshu Jain, Director, Ant Esports said, “There are very few policies that have or had the potential to not only change the economic but also the social demographic of a country and Make in India has solidified as one such initiative by the Indian Government. It motivated our citizens to turn into manufacturers and also converted India into a lucrative investment hub. Taking a step in the same direction we even started Ant Esports in 2016, soon after the initiation of the Make in India movement. The aim was simply to not only manufacture in India but also to make products that offer premium features in a pocket friendly price segment. We understood the purchasing power as well as what the local consumer wanted and the result was India’s first ever Gaming Chair and rest is history.”

“Prior to the Make in India program manufacturing was not very much feasible in India but with a flexible tax and policy slab we are evolving into a manufacturing nation from a consumer one and Ant Esports is a small part of this multi volume success story of the country,” added by Himanshu.

Commitments to Make in India Programme

Briefing about the steps taken towards supporting the Make in India programme, Himanshu Jain said, “We at Acro are driven by the vision of empowering the country by bringing the best the global industry has to offer to the Indian soil. But it was always tough to align the needs of our local consumers with the global aim and manufacturing of these multinational brands that we work with. The solution to this has been in form of Ant Esports, a subsidiary of ours that tirelessly works to bring premium products in pocket friendly price brackets perfectly aligning with our country’s needs and expectations. This was only possible back in 2016 due to the advent of the Make in India program that not only made conditions favorable in the country for indigenous manufacturing but also instilled a sense of pride in our citizens to own Made in India products.”

“And, with our true efforts & hard work, this initiative is undeniably lucrative, at different levels from employing deserving individuals, expanding the business in each corner of the country, to augmenting the Indian economical figure. It’s undeniably a proud moment for us as well as our country,” concluded by Himanshu.

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