“Polycab Telecom Is Deeply Committed To Make India A Manufacturing Hub”

“Polycab Telecom Is Deeply Committed To Make India A Manufacturing Hub”

 In September, 2021, India marked the seventh year of the ‘Make-in-India’ initiative. Manufacturers from across sectors and across the world have chosen India as their destination to manufacture their products. Undoubtedly, local manufacturing is the best tool to boost economy. Sharing more about the impact of Make in India programme on India’s manufacturing sector, Ashish D Jain, Executive President & COO, Polycab India Ltd said, “The initiative set out to ensure that our manufacturing sector’s contribution to GDP is increased to 25% by 2025, which has gone around 17% in 2021, from a little over 14% in 2016. Globally recognized companies have made India the assembly-point for their products. in FDI-terms, India has emerged as one of the world’s top destinations to garner foreign investments. Meeting the export-target of USD 400 billion establishes the fact that the demand for items made in India is increasing all over the world. After the advent of Make-in-India, our country’s supply-chain has definitely got stronger by the day. In view of India’s imminent plans to keep driving changes to modernize and open up its economy, a whole host of manufacturers is expected to kick off and establish operations in our country. Furthermore, the recently introduced Production-linked Incentive (PLI) scheme would provide a supplementary boost to domestic manufacturing and the Make-in-India scheme.”

Polycab’s Contribution to Make-in-India Programme

Briefing about how Polycab is supporting the Make in India programme, Ashish said, “A large part of Polycab’s success can be attributed to domestic sourcing and self-manufacturing. As a self-reliant manufacturer, we’ve the capability to manufacture the finished products in India for the Indian as well as the global consumers. Evoking deep-rooted national sentiments as a home-grown brand, Polycab has been reflecting the ethos and essence of Make-in-India, since even before the concept came into existence.”

Ashish further added, “Polycab Telecom is deeply committed to make India a manufacturing hub. We’ve a dedicated and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Halol, Gujarat, to manufacture Optical Fibre Cables or OFCs. Believing in having strong backward-integration capabilities reflects our utmost commitment to Make-in-India, as a responsibility. We’re self-sufficient in manufacturing Fibre Reinforced Polymer or FRP Rods, Aramid Reinforced Plastic or ARP Rods and Impregnated Glass Fibre Reinforcement or IGFR Yarns, the crucial components for OFCs to make them more robust and resilient. Under our Passive Networking Business, we manufacture the whole range of passive networking products and accessories, including fibre and copper. In today’s digital era, when power and data have emerged as complimentary assets, we aim to make a nationwide reach by being a single-source manufacturer and provider of power and end-to-end data-solutions. In furtherance of the Make-in-India goal, we’ve assimilated our power and passive networking solutions under one unified brand in a single OEM-strategy.”

“Having self-reliance to enhance competitiveness in manufacturing with increased value-addition, we’ve merged our goals in national goals & initiatives in transforming India into a global design & manufacturing location and improving the global competitiveness of the Indian passive networking product-manufacturing,” concluded by Ashish.

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