“Since On Boarding Micron, We Have Witnessed A Huge Revenue Growth”

“Since On Boarding Micron, We Have Witnessed A Huge Revenue Growth”

Micron has positioned itself as a pioneer in the storage solutions industry in India. The company has consistently brought ground-breaking storage products that are not only affordable but reliable as well. Since its entry into the Indian market, its presence across PAN India has increased significantly. Its channel partner base is huge which contributes to growth trajectory. Gujarat is one of the markets for Micron as it has huge potential and Micron looks to capitalize on the existing opportunities in the market. Digital Terminal spoke to Mr. Nikhil Shah, Sales Manager, Mehta Brothers about the growth of Micron in Gujarat and how they are catering to the different sets of customers.

Excellent Product Quality

Micron has a wide range of products that have gained tremendous success across Indian market. Commenting on the product quality and customer’s reaction, Nikhil Shah, Sales Manager, Mehta Brothers said, “We have been selling Micron products from last 2 years and have received an overwhelming response from customers. The customers prefer Micron products more than any other brand and one of the key reasons behind such acknowledgement is the product quality. Whether it is SSD or RAM, we are very confident about the reliability and durability of the products. It makes us sell the products in a better way and we plan to grow our strong relationship with Micron. The USP of Crucial’s products is exceptional speed, quality and performance. We are happy that we are associated with Crucial by Micron and doing good business with them.”

Overwhelming Growth with Micron

“Since on boarding Micron, we have witnessed a huge revenue growth as we are able to sell more storage products. Micron has a great contribution to our overall sales and we are confident that the numbers will increase with the time. Our market strategy is very aggressive and we want to capitalize the growth opportunities to scale our business. Micron will have a big role in it as we have huge expectations from the brand. The excellent product quality speaks for the brand which drives strong demand for the products which we are currently selling. It allows us to sell more products and we aim to add more products in our portfolio to keep up the growth momentum,” stated by him.

He further added, “The customer retention ratio remains 100% as we don’t get any complaint about the product and customers don’t move to any other brand once purchased Crucial’s products. The customers who like high-performance computing and want to build a powerful PC are purchasing Crucial SSDs. It adds huge value to Micron’s brand value and customer’s trust will continue to grow. We will invest in the business partnership and we see a brighter future with Crucial by Micron.”

Support from Micron 

Commenting on the support from Micron, he said, “It’s now more than two years we are into Micron business and we never faced any kind of challenge. We get optimum support from Micron team and there are no challenges regarding product training or inventory. The national distributor RP tech India also provides us good support on the inventory front. We are really happy with the overall support we are receiving from team Micron and it has been a good journey with them so far. We expect to continue this bonding and achieve higher results for the brand.”

About Mehta Brothers

Mehta Brothers is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and has been in the distribution business from last 30 years. The company has many other leading tech brands on board and sell variety of tech products. They sell products out of Gujarat also and serving the ever-growing demand for tech products.

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