Acer Predator Gaming League India Announced Exclusive Women’s Valorant Gaming Tournament

Acer Predator Gaming League India Announced Exclusive Women’s Valorant Gaming Tournament

Acer announced its exclusive Women's tournament on Valorant as part of the Predator Gaming League. This is the second time Acer India has been organising an exclusive event for women gamers. The tournament will be based on the popular shooting gaming, Valorant, and will be exclusively for women. The total prize pool is INR 1,50,000 and the games will be live streamed across Acer India’s social and YouTube channel. 

Esports is a developing sector where female participation has increased recently. This suggests there is plenty of untapped potentials. Since women are being given attention in esports and such initiatives are being taken to encourage them, the gaming community in India is no longer dominated by men. 

With this initiative, Acer celebrates the growing gender diversity in the nation's e-sports community by encouraging female professional teams and esports enthusiasts from all over India. Acer is expanding its support to the gaming sector, particularly the community of female gamers by providing opportunities to progress in careers, and Predator Gaming League is seeking to empower women in this field.  

Predator League is held by Acer annually to reinforce the Predator brand’s commitment to supporting the gaming industry and in the Asia Pacific region. Like a predator ready to pounce on its prey, gamers must be ruthless and focused on victory. The Predator series includes the newest gaming technology and is designed specifically to improve the gaming experience of any serious gamer. Predator is the brand with a full line of gaming devices, including laptops, desktops, monitors, and peripherals. Starting in 2018, Predator League rolled through the Pan Asia Pacific bringing top-tier talent for international e-sports tournaments.  


Date: 26th August 2022

Schedule time: 8:45 PM IST

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