“We Are Confident That India Will Be A Significant Market For Our Growth Journey”

“We Are Confident That India Will Be A Significant Market For Our Growth Journey”

Nowadays businesses are making big strides towards adopting advanced digital tools for their business expansion. Choosing the right solution for sustainable business growth is very challenging as it involves huge expertise. Fulcrum Digital is one such company which helps businesses in scaling their operations and achieve satisfactory growth. Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal recently talked to Dhana Kumarasamy, CEO, Fulcrum Digital. Dhana shared views about their latest partnership with Digia to help them in excelling further business growth. Read below the excerpts:

Rajeev: Recently, Fulcrum Digital partnered with Digia. What are the key reasons that Digia took forward this partnership? 

Dhana: Digia selected Fulcrum Digital as a strategic partner through a competitive selection and due diligence process. This partnership is a key aspect of Digia’s growth strategy and our Global Delivery Centre (GDC) in Pune, India will aid in Digia’s expansion and digital solutions to customer in Finland. One of the main reasons for Digia to partner with us is the fact that their cultural values and service delivery principles are quite similar to ours. This acts as a win-win situation to further collaborate closely with their executive team and provide business advice / technology solutions to help Digia achieve its goals.  

Rajeev: How will your India Delivery Centre contribute to this partnership? What sort of impact it will have on the company's overall business operations? 

Dhana: Our Global Delivery Centre will have digital, full-stack engineering, cloud, integration, MS Power platform, consulting & managed services skills with a capacity of 200-250 professionals who will provide their expertise and capabilities to Digia. Through our flagship platform ‘FulcrumOne’, we will create hyper-customized solutions for Digia’s international engagements and key clients as a value-add. Digia offers hypercare and round-the-clock support to its customers in Finland, giving it a major competitive advantage. Our GDC will serve as the anchor technology center, providing the skill and capacity needed to support Digia's expansion strategy and provide world-class service to their customers in Finland and around the world, further enabling them to accelerate their business growth. 

Rajeev: From Fulcrum Digital India’s overall business perspective, how has been business growth for the company in 2021?  

Dhana: In terms of business, 2021 has been a successful year for us. We've evolved as a platform and digital engineering services company during the pandemic and capitalized on the platform-led offerings we have for the market. Last year, we grew by getting a better understanding of our customers’ growth needs and developing more personalized and managed solutions for them. To offer unique solutions to partners, our engineers have leveraged emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, meta, and data science-based techniques to build innovative products. In the food industry, for example, our focus turned to limiting touch and automating procedures, which is accomplished through the use of QR codes and building upon our existing platform. We also expanded our existing platform to cater to hospitals and universities. 

Rajeev: Which are the key highlights of the company's performance in the Indian market in terms of technology / solutions demands, business segments and customers?  

Dhana: With over 20 years of global experience, we have been rapidly expanding in India providing digital transformation services to high-growth sectors. Our digital capabilities that deliver end-to-end transformation process from technology consulting, enterprise application & platform provision, and full-scale implementation deserve the credit for our consistent performance in the market. We have enhanced and executed the provision of economical, flexible, and effective resource pools based on project demands, having proved our ability to handle the complexity demanded by insurance companies operating in India.  We augmented many global trends and technology expertise in delivering a unique and adaptable solution to our customers in India. 

Rajeev: What will be Fulcrum Digital’s go-to-market strategy and approach for India in 2022?  

Dhana: For us, India serves as an innovation hub where we develop bespoke solutions for our global customers and drive innovation, thus we plan to invest heavily in India. In terms of operations, to be able to quickly scale in the market, we plan to add 800 people in India over the next year for lateral positions ranging from program managers to technical architects/engineers. 

At a business level, we plan to have equal revenue from our goods and services divisions by next year, and inorganic growth will be a key component of our growth strategy. We’re also working towards introducing the “Pods” structure in India, which are independent strategic business units of our core industry verticals. We are confident that India will be a significant growth market for our growth journey.  

Rajeev: Please brief about your sales model. How do you sell your solutions across Indian market?  

Dhana: We have varied sales strategies for the different sets of clients we cater to. Our core sales strategy is consulting lead digital solution deal.  Based on the strategy of customers and stages of their digital journey, we engineer a recommended solutions for them. Currently in India, we focus on insurance, digital banking, and consumer products sector.  Our solution is to provide an edge in developing new market, customer base and incredibly efficiency in general processes. One of our customers, a relatively new insurance provider in the Indian market, required an innovative next generation insurance platform to leverage the reach of mobile networks that could be utilized by multiple stakeholders both online and offline. Hence, we developed a configurable mobile first platform to help them to generate leads, application, underwriting, and revenue generation processes.

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