“Crucial by Micron Has Become India’s Favourite Storage Solution Brand”

“Crucial by Micron Has Become India’s Favourite Storage Solution Brand”

The Indian storage solutions market has undergone a significant transformation in the past few years owing to the changing market dynamics and huge demand. Micron is one of the leading market players in the storage market and has strengthened its position through investing heavily in building a robust channel infrastructure and bringing performance-oriented products. Mumbai is one of the key markets for Micron and its strong presence across Mumbai helps in meeting the ever-growing consumer demand. Solutions India is Micron’s one of the trusted channel partner in Mumbai and has attained huge growth in last few years.

Growing with Micron 

The Indian IT industry has been growing exponentially and the demand for storage solutions keep on increasing. Content creators, gamers, and professionals are switching to next-gen storage solutions to boost their efficiency and move with more pace. Micron’s products are getting good response in the market and channel partners are coming forward to sell their products. While talking exclusively to DT, Jitesh Mehta, Partner, Solutions India said, “Micron’s performance in Indian market has been commendable. Since on boarding Micron, we have been able to sell more number of storage products then before. Our partnership with Micron helps us to grow with more pace as its wide range of products contribute a lot to our growth. We hope to continue this association for long and will invest in this association for touching new heights in coming days.” 

He further added, “In last one year, we have seen a strong demand for Micron’s products be it internal SSD or External SSD. The Work from Home (WFH) and Learn from Home (LFH) segments are also generating huge demand for storage products for us. These two segments are driving satisfactory growth which we assume will continue further. This growth trajectory has boosted confidence in us and we will plan to make strong business strategy to capitalize on new opportunities. Micron’s contribution to our revenue is nearly 15% but we are confident that this will grow further in coming months.” 

Excellent Quality 

Product quality is always considered a key aspect in business as it helps brands to retain their loyal customers. Micron has shown exceptional innovation capabilities through its next-gen storage products like SSD and RAM. He said, “We currently deal in a wide range of products from Crucial by Micron. We are selling Crucial entry level products, 240GB and 480GB SSDs, MX series SSDs, P1 and P2 NVMe SSDs and recently we have started selling external SSDs as well. As the customer response for all these products is excellent so we are now planning to sell the enterprise class products also.” 

Commenting about the product USP, he stated, “The products offer exceptional speed, performance and quality. Due to which the customer retention ratio remains 100% and it is a huge benchmark for any brand. We are into the distribution business since 2006 and we have witnessed the transformation of this market. It is always challenging for a brand to hold back their customers. But Micron is quite ahead in this race due to it’s excellent quality. The customers who want to build high-performance PCs for different needs such as gaming or content creation really prefer Crucial SSDs. Also, those who are upgrading their PCs to manage heavy workloads also purchasing Crucial branded SSDs. So, we can say that Crucial by Micron has become India’s favourite storage solution brand.” 

Support from Micron 

“We have been associated with Micron since long and we never faced any kind of challenges. The marketing team of Micron is very supportive and they help us on every front. From product training to providing inventory, we get proper support from Micron. The support team is available on WhatsApp so whenever we feel any challenges, we receive all required support on WhatsApp. Also, they share information about new schemes that are really helpful for us to understand the marketing plans. For product training, we regularly get short videos from the marketing team through which we easily understand the product details and features,” commented by Jitesh Mehta. 

“Also, Micron’s marketing and product awareness strategy is very amazing. The aggressive marketing campaign generates good business for us. In the coming months, we expect to grow at rapid pace with Micron,” he added.

About Solutions India 

Solutions India was started in 2006 and they are catering to the massive demand for storage products across Mumbai. The company sells storage products of all the brands and majorly works with retailers and IT dealers across this region.

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