“The Demand for Crucial SSDs is Really High Due to Affordability & Durability”

“The Demand for Crucial SSDs is Really High Due to Affordability & Durability”

Micron is one of the leading storage solution providers in the Indian market and has achieved sustainable growth over the years. Its Crucial branded products have performed quite well and are very popular among customers. There are many factors fueling the demand for its products across India. Though Micro has a strong presence in every corner of the country, but Mumbai is one of the major markets for Micron and the company is paying good attention at this market. Micro Peripherals & Distribution is Micron’s valued distributor in Mumbai and has been associated from a long time.

Significant Demand for Crucial SSDs

Micron has been serving to the Indian market with its cutting-edge storage solutions under brand Crucial. The Indian market has been growing well and the rising demand of PCs among customers further fueling the storage market. Talking exclusively with DT on the demand for Crucial branded products, Manish Vanigota, Partner, Micro Peripherals & Distribution said, “The market is growing at a rapid pace and we are witnessing huge demand as compared to last year. The customers now have different requirements as far as hardware is concerned to balance the PC performance during heavy workloads. The demand for Crucial SSDs is really high, affordability and durability are key aspects that pushes the demand. Crucial SSDs are value for money and take the PC performance a notch higher. As we know Micron, the company is committed to its customers and strives to bring performance oriented products.”

Excellent Product Quality and Service Support

The success of any brand depends on the quality of its products as well as after sale service. Sharing his views on the Micron’s product quality and service support, he added, “Micron’s product quality is excellent and it shows why Micron is currently leading this market. We are pretty sure that the reliability and durability of Micron’s products are best in its segment. We retain more than 90% of Customers who buy Crucial by Micron products. On the other hand, service quality is also topmost. We rarely get any complaint about Crucial products and even if we get any such complaint, the service support team of Micron resolves that case in minimum possible time. It improves customer’s confidence in the brand and that’s where Micron is leading.”

Market Opportunities in Storage Market

“The Indian storage market is growing in full swing and increasing adoption of PCs in homes and offices driving the sales. We are very much satisfied with the growth of the market in recent years and our hopes are high in terms of growth opportunities. The coming few months are very important for us as the market is picking up further momentum and we are trying to capture as much opportunities as we can with the support from brand Micron,” commented by him. “The adoption of SSDs has gone up in various consumer segments which has propelled the storage solutions market growth. Businesses/enterprises are currently generating huge amount of data and this will continue to grow. We as a valued partner of brand Micron, committed to serve to the ever growing demand for storage solutions,” he said.

Increasing Consumer Base of Micron

“The storage market is huge and currently there are plenty of brands that exist in the market. Despite such a huge competition, Crucial by Micron continues to spread its wings and we can confidently say that Crucial by Micron is currently one of the fastest growing storage solutions brands in India. The company has taken lead in terms of product quality and innovation. Recently Micron achieved the milestone of 50,000 patents and we are proud to be one of the partners of Micron. Over the years, Micron has successfully built its large customer base across India and we see an overall a good response from customers. Micron’s robust marketing strategy and excellent product quality has played a significant role in making Micron a storage market leader. The company has secured a fairly good market share with the support of its strong distribution partner network,” said by him.

Support Provided from Micron

Commenting on the support provided by Micron’s marketing and sales team, he said, “The marketing team of Micron is quite supportive and helps us on every front to keep the growth momentum high. We get great support from them and we never faced any issues regarding product knowledge. Also, the product supply never gets delayed and we receive the inventory on time.”

About Micro Peripherals & Distribution

Started in 2012, Micro Peripherals & Distribution is based in Mumbai and selling Micron products from last 4 years. Micro Peripherals is purely in the storage solutions business and caters to the needs of resellers and retailers.

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