“The Graphics Card Market Demand Is Fuelled by Gaming”

“The Graphics Card Market Demand Is Fuelled by Gaming”

Nowadays, there is an increase in the use of high-end applications, 4K rich content and professional gaming which is spurring the growth of the graphics card market. The market has evolved significantly and predominantly gaming is the key driving factor. Ever since professional gamers started building performance-oriented custom-built PCs, they moved to high-performance graphics cards that provide them the speed and seamless experience. The market is observing many latest trends, that are driving the market growth. Commenting on the market landscape, Vikas Gupta, MD, Technology and Gadgets (TAG) said, “The Graphics Card market demand is fuelled by Gaming, AI, and use of more power demanding application along with 4k rich content.”

Ever Growing Demand for Graphics Card

The gaming and content creation industry has significantly fuelled the graphics card and huge demand in these sectors continue to boost the growth momentum for brands and partners. Briefing about the contributing factors for market growth, he said, “During Covid, PC gaming was the best source of entertainment that most people realised along with power-packed 4k content. They can see and experience powerful graphics creating cinematography effects. Also, more applications requiring higher graphics-based solutions along with AI and many verticals, make in India projects, and engineering needs further fuelling the demand for graphics cards.”

Commenting on the pricing variation, he stated, “Prices have already been falling and are to the most realistic level. What consumer needs to understand is overall inflation is affecting the cost. Like fuel, increased logistics and other expenses. There is 5% currency variation+ fuel prices (air freight) have doubled and now other variants have jumped big time making net costs higher.”

Service support is one of the leading factors which plays a key role in retaining customers and building their trust towards a brand. Sharing his views on the service support he said, “We have best in class support with kaizen covering almost 45 locations. We cover all the major locations across the country.”

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