“The Good News Is That The GPU Prices Are Coming Down”

“The Good News Is That The GPU Prices Are Coming Down”

The growth of graphics card market in India is remarkable as the demand from verticals like gaming and content creation continues to rise. The graphics cards are widely adopted to elevate PC performance while managing the heavy workloads. Commenting on the latest trends in the graphics card market, Vinay Shetty, Regional Director, Component Business, ASUS (India & South Asia) said, “Gone are the days when graphics cards were relevant only for gaming. Now, GPUs help balance the processing workload for more sustained performance. A lot of content creators opt for a powerful GPU that helps them to edit and stream their media quickly and more efficiently. Technologies like metaverse, VR, and AR will drive the future graphics card demand.”

 Rising Demand for Graphics Card

The demand for graphics card has gone up in recent years and currently the demand is strong especially in the gaming segment. This demand is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Sharing his views on the key contributing factors for this increased demand, he added, “There was a steady demand for graphics cards before the pandemic. But with the pandemic and the associated lockdown, the demand went through the roof for a few reasons. Customers at home wanted to play games or build a PC for streaming or creating videos. The second was the demand for cryptocurrency mining making crypto investors buy graphics cards. And to add to all of that, the chip shortage rose the demand drastically due to the stringent lockdown in our production hubs.”

Prices to Come Down

The price of Graphics card remains a key challenge for customers as expensiveness graphics card impacts the buying capacity of customers. “The good news is that the GPU prices are coming down as we speak. However, as our co-CEO SY Hsu recently mentioned on the earnings call, despite the GPU demand from cryptocurrency miners being on the decline, the demand remains strong for gaming, which might take some time to normalise,” further added by him.

Service Support Commitment

Service support plays a decisive role in the success of any brand. Customers give extra attention on the service commitment of brands before buying any product. Sharing about the service commitments, he concluded, “We offer extensive support to our customers, so they face minimal workflow disruption. Our initial step is to troubleshoot remotely but if the issue remains unresolved, we offer on-site support or customers can avail assistance from one of our service centers spread across the country.”

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