Huawei Won 6 Awards for its Innovative Products at Interop Tokyo 2022

Huawei Won 6 Awards for its Innovative Products at Interop Tokyo 2022

Huawei has won multiple awards for their outstanding new products at the Interop Tokyo 2022, one of the largest ICT events in Japan, which was hosted at Makuhari Messe. These awards included the Grand Prize in Personal Media & Devices, Second Prize in Enterprise and ISP Network Infrastructure and Facilities, and Special Prizes for Server & Storage and Mobile Computing.

The winning products can be found below.

This tablet uses electronic paper with a black-and-white screen to serve as both a full-fledged e-reader as well as a recording device for handwritten notes, recordings, audiobooks, and web searches. More than 100,000 e-books can be found in the Huawei Japan bookstore. The stylus easily attaches to the main body using a magnetic mechanism and can be locked in together with the main body using a special cover, preventing the stylus from breaking, which is a common occurrence with this type of product.

  • NetEngine 8000 M4 & A821E Router / Network Infrastructure (Carrier/ISP)

This multifunctional carrier router is the latest in the NetEngine product series and is designed for the high-performance scenarios carriers encounter. Its use of SRv6 and FlexEhternet-based physical slicing technology supports units of 1Gpbs or larger on 10GbE port.

  • Mini FTTO Solution / Network Infrastructure (Enterprise)

This all-optical solution applies the PON technology used in enterprise access lines to overcome the weaknesses inherent in copper lines and achieve higher cost-performance than Ethernet switches in large campus scenarios. While other standardized hybrid cables that can deliver power supply as well as connectivity services are becoming more common, PON ONU is unique in its ability to interconnect with existing ONUs.

  • iSite Power / Facility

This solution for outdoor sensor installation uses modular solar panels and batteries that can be installed in locations with insufficient power supply. As the demand for disaster prevention and disaster mitigation solutions grows, this solution addresses some of the largest problems facing sensor installation and holds great promise for applications that are still under development.

  • FTTR Wi-Fi solution / Mobile computing (Wi-Fi, etc.)

This solution uses POF cables and PON to support backhaul Wi-Fi 6/6E, without needed a dedicated switching hub, LAN cables or PoE. Backhaul bandwidth is important for Wi-Fi 6/6E, this unique POF and PON approach represents an important departure from traditional solutions that use LAN cables or wireless.

  • OceanProtect X9000 Backup Storage / Server & Storage

This product demonstrates exceptional performance as a backup storage by increasing backup speeds and data reduction rates. The system design and new applications are fundamentally different from those used by conventional backup storage.

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