Panasonic INDD Delivering Cutting-edge ICT and Infrastructure Solutions to Support OEMs

Panasonic INDD Delivering Cutting-edge ICT and Infrastructure Solutions to Support OEMs

Panasonic is a diversified technology company that provides solutions to create a better life for consumers in living spaces and a better world for enterprises and communities. The company is a worldwide leader in the development of home appliances, industrial devices, automotive, lifestyle, and connected solutions. Panasonic is continuously developing and launching high-quality, innovative components that power a diverse range of devices and products across industries.

The company’s Industrial Devices Division (INDD) delivers advanced industrial components and electronic devices to businesses in India. These include industrial automation devices, relays, connectors, sensors, wireless connectivity, and other passive components. Within the INDD business, Panasonic supports the country’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through cutting-edge solutions to solving customers’ concerns around thermal noise, sensors, and electronic control challenges.

In 2014, the Digital India initiative was introduced with the objective to improve the country’s digital infrastructure and connectivity. Since then, the country’s ICT sector has grown leaps and bound with the proliferation of new-age technologies such as cloud computing, smart devices (laptops & smartphones), and the adoption of intelligent manufacturing (industry 4.0 concept). Further, India has emerged as the second-largest manufacturer of mobile handsets in the world and has the second largest number of telecom subscribers in the world. The Indian ICT sector is witnessing an unprecedented technological advancement, necessitating a robust data center system, computing capabilities, communications services, and next-generation internet connectivity, to name a few.

Panasonic INDD's ICT Solutions support the rapid digitalization aspiration by providing industry-leading electronic components, devices, and sensors required to meet the extremely high quality and reliability standards. These components are compatible with a wide range of applications, including smartphones, Tablet PC, wearables, data centers/ servers, SSD, and base stations, among others.

  • Solution for Thermal Noise: Panasonic provides various thermal and noise management solutions. PGS graphite sheet and NTC thermistor are two thermal management products. Polymer Capacitors, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) management components such as common mode noise filters, EMI filters, and electromagnetic shield films, and circuit protection components such as ESD suppressors and chip varistors are examples of noise control products.
  • Sensor Solutions: Among numerous electronic devices, sensors are used to acquire various information, and are gaining prominent attention from device designers. One reason is the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) spreading among factories, buildings, and cities. On the other hand, there is an increase in the number of electronic devices that adopt new sensors to achieve sophisticated electronic control. Panasonic offers sensing solutions backed by various sensor devices including MR Sensors, Gyro Sensors, temperature sensors, Infrared Array Sensors, Pressure Sensors, etc. Panasonic Passive Infrared or Pyroelectric PIR Motion Sensors are available in a wide variety of current consumption options and offer both digital and analog output options. These are majorly used for Smart Lighting applications.
  • Lithium Batteries: Panasonic offers a wide range of Lithium batteries such as the main battery for small devices, backup battery for an emergency, etc. that are used in various industries. For example, small or coin batteries for IoT devices that use next-generation networks such as 5G/LPWA and also for Smart Meters and Electronic Voting Machines.

Further, aligned with the business opportunities in the industrial infrastructure sector, Panasonic’s Industrial Infrastructure solution offers reliable, durable, and efficient components to sectors including power utilities, solar, railways, security cameras, and infrastructure equipment, in line with the development of a smart society. Panasonic’s relays and connectors offer efficient performance and compatibility, which assures the rigorous performance of the industry solutions.

  • Relays: Panasonic has a wide range of relays, ranging from Power Relays to Mechanical Relays. Mechanical relays are ideal for low load switching, signal control, etc. Its features include gold contacts, stable contact resistance, fully sealed construction, low operating power, and compact size for optimal board space usage. Panasonic also offers a wide variety of Solid State Relays including Through-Hole and SMD, High Capacity, and Phototriac Coupler Solid State Relays. Advantages include long operational life, high-frequency switching, no contact arcs, high contact reliability, and noiseless operation. Panasonic relays are used to operate the base station, solar and wind power generation, Consumer Appliances, and medical equipment.
  • Connectors: Panasonic connectors are premier products that fulfill the requirement of tough and demanding applications. From RF to Optical Connectors, Panasonic offers a dynamic range to meet the industry demand. Panasonic Connectors are designed to endure twisting and dropping, resistance to dust and foreign particles, and resistance to corrosive gases. These are utilized in the application of power supply at base stations, Inter-vehicle communication systems for railways, and various medical equipment.
  • Snap-action Switches: These are compact switches equipped with an enclosed micro-gap snap-action contact mechanism that makes a specified motion with a specified force to open/close a circuit, and an actuator outside the enclosure. Due to its specified motion sensors, it is used in security cameras and medical examining devices.

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