“LAN Events or Physical Events Are Shaping The Gaming World”

“LAN Events or Physical Events Are Shaping The Gaming World”

The gaming market in India is flourishing at a rapid pace and bringing enormous growth opportunities for the brands serving this market. The Indian gaming scene has reached on an unparalleled level and future seems very promising. Thus, tech brands are betting big on the market and bringing high-end products to meet the need of gamers. Sharing his views on the market growth, Himanshu Jain, Director, Ant Esports said, “Undoubtedly, there’s a bright future of Gaming in India since the number of gamers or enthusiasts is increasing unexpectedly every day. From an entertainment point of view to a life-long career option, it’s being accepted and adopted worldwide. And, because of these significant factors, Gaming PCs/Components/Accessories are in huge demand and contributing to exponential growth in the market. The growth of this industry can be understood even more precisely by its current state when compared to what it was exactly 10 years ago. And, in less than a decade, it increased from nothing to a multi-million-dollar industry. Hence, the growth of gaming Industry is no longer a secret among us!!”

Demand for High-performance Gaming Machines On the Rise

As the professional gamers are going for high-end gaming machines, now more and more aspiring gamers are ready to invest in innovative and advanced gaming products. Commenting on the growing demand for gaming products, Himanshu said, “The growing demand of the products or services decides the success or failure of that particular industry. The more they are in demand, the more the industry will grow. Similarly, as of now, high-performance gaming machines or components are in huge demand with the increasing interest of gamers and teenagers in gaming. This is the result of continuous advancement in gaming industry by the true efforts of the creators. Hence, gaming industry nowadays is on the rise with the mutual support of gamers and creators. Now, it would not be wrong to say that gamers and creators are fueling the demand for high-performance gaming machines or components.”

Growing Significance of On Ground Events

Physical gaming events have their own value as this provide gamers the much required exposure. Pro and casual gamers both can leverage the opportunities in the physical events to grow together. Elaborating about the role of the on-ground event, Himanshu commented, “The LAN events / physical events will absolutely fuel the demand further since it’s one of the trendiest ways that allow different gamers, enthusiasts, and influencers to catch up for enjoying an “Elevated Gaming Experience” together. Indeed, such events are shaping the gaming world with an increased focus on online events & digital presentation. Indeed, we are looking forward to such upcoming opportunities so that we can reach out to more and more game enthusiasts and upcoming gamers in the future.”

Marketing Strategy to Accelerate Growth

Briefing about their marketing strategies to capitalize on the growth opportunities, Himanshu commented, “Improving the satisfaction rate of all our existing gamers or enthusiasts and also looking forward to increasing the number of new gamers in this era of modern gaming is the first and foremost goal that we are primarily striving to expand our business throughout India.”

As per the marketing strategy for the brand, they focus on: 

  1. Serving as vast range of unparalleled gaming peripherals & components on the table.
  2. Emphasizing to provide premium quality gaming products at a fraction of the cost.

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