“Over The Years We Have Seen A Rise In Professional Gamers In India”

“Over The Years We Have Seen A Rise In Professional Gamers In India”

The Indian Gaming market has witnessed an exponential growth during last few years and it has opened growth avenues for the market players. Commenting on the growth trajectory, Sanjeev Mehtani, Chief Sales Officer, Acer India said, “According to reports, India is currently the fourth largest online gaming market globally; the industry requires a strong regulatory and legal environment to help the business scale quickly and achieve its true potential. In India, during the pandemic a lot of the gamers who were into mobile gaming made their transition to serious mode of gaming with high performing laptops.”

Sanjeev further added, “As we all know the internet penetration that too Fiber connection increasing day by day, the gaming industry is evolving faster than other digital segments ranging from movies to music videos. India has already surpassed many top nations to become the tycoon when it comes to gaming. With such great demand there has been an increase in demand for laptops, and accessories for the gaming segment.”

Physical Events Are Back

After almost two years of online tournaments, LAN or physical esports tournaments have started taking place. The gamers are now participating in the LAN or esports events across the country which is helping them sharpen their skills and grow with more pace. Talking about how physical events are playing a vital role in the growth of gaming market, Sanjeev said, “Yes, physical events increase visibility and awareness of gaming. The lockdowns and restrictions over the last two years have changed the landscape of the gaming industry in India. The gaming industry is also an important sector in the economy, and it has scope to generate several job opportunities in the country. There is huge support coming in from hardware brands and gaming companies to spread awareness on how this industry can provide a viable career to anyone who is passionate about gaming despite age or gender. Over the years we have seen a rise in professional gamers in India because of the initiatives we have seen from several brands including ours.”

“Acer every year brings Predator Gaming League in India, that attracts millions of audiences and thousands of gamers playing for hundreds of hours to decide the eSports champions f India. In 2022, we will continue to provide an international stage for budding Indian e-sports players. In our last four India Finale, we had received amazing responses from the gaming community. In 2020, apart from our regular tournament we also created a special woman only tournament that witnessed a great enthusiasm and participation. This will help us to aim in building women gaming community in India. Predator Gaming League has been at the forefront of e-sports growth in the country, and we will continue to invest for the community for its growth,” commented by Sanjeev.

Demand Increasing

The gaming industry has been incredibly robust during the pandemic, and the sales for hardware and software, both have been growing considerably over the years. With advancements in technology, demand for high performance computing has become a necessity for gamers and creators.

Sanjeev further added & said, “Gaming laptops perform activities that demand powerful hardware and software. Gamers these days create videos and showcase them on online platforms. They also livestream their gaming experience with the world. These processes require units that are capable of editing and rendering high quality videos and audios and such trends have fueled the demand for high performing laptops over the last few years.”

Business Plans to Boost Growth

Story telling is an integral part of marketing and combine that with gaming makes it even more essential. The gaming industry has changed in the last few years, the scope and demand has significantly increased, and it is important to keep up with the trend and evolve with it. 

“Acer’s recent campaign for “It Lies Within”, a mini-series of videos that establishes the Predator gaming universe and speaks to the brand's ultimate goal - to bestow power that empowers. The series celebrates the power and innovation that lies within every Predator machine and peripheral. At Acer, we are constantly looking at creating stories that are accessible and resonate with audiences, which make it easier to spread a campaign’s message. In this case, our message is simple: Whether it’s next-level hardware inside a computer or a gamer’s drive to perfect their play, what really counts lies within,” said by Sanjeev.

“The recent launch of the 12th Gen Nitro 5 and Predator Helios 300 with 360hz refresh rates as very powerful machines that provides gamers with an immersive gaming experience. Acer is brand that provides computing solutions to everyone. With Acer’s range of products in the gaming and consumer segment we aim to provide quality technological solutions across price points,” concluded by Sanjeev.

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