BPE Deploys Mini Data Centre Integrated Solution at Watco India

BPE Deploys Mini Data Centre Integrated Solution at Watco India

Best Power Equipments (BPE) India, deployed the ‘Mini Data Centre Integrated Solution’ at WATCO India Pvt. Ltd. It is an all-in-one integrated system that allows sync between various IT Infrastructures management and automation systems. Empowered by this, WATCO launched the 1st Indian RO water project at Jagannath Dham Puri. Sujal - drink from tap mission to make Puri the first Indian city to get round-the-clock piped pure drinking water. 

While deploying their flagship innovation at WATCO India, a three-tier approach was incorporated by BPE covering aspects - Remove, Raise and Reduce. This ideology removed the oversizing, component-level specification process, unusable capacity, and complexity of decisions operating costsconsequently raising efficiency, power density deployment duration, and speed predictability. BPE also focused on reducing one-time engineering, on-site fabrication, and human error margin.

Speaking on the project, Amitansu Satpathy, Managing Director – BPE, commented, “The whole team of BPE feels delighted to be a part of WATCO. This project has been a great experience for me personally and all the teams who worked around the clock to execute it.  We were able to deploy this project cost effectively within a short duration of 10 days.”

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