Proxgy Witnessed 20X Business Growth Post its Appearance in Shark Tank India

Proxgy Witnessed 20X Business Growth Post its Appearance in Shark Tank India

Proxgy has attained 20X business growth in a six-month period after getting funded in Shark Tank India. It is a revolutionary Global reality show that enables entrepreneurs to present their business or product concepts and secure funding/financing from the group of investors referred to as ‘Sharks.’

Post finalizing the deal of INR 1 crores at the novel reality show, the technology aggregator has garnered interest from Fortune 500 companies and government institutions to develop meaningful partnerships. The funding has escalated Proxgy’s growth trajectory, thereby helping to target varied industries in India and generating global interest across multiple industries including mining, oil and refineries, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, security, and others. After cracking the deal on the popular program, the company has also witnessed an increased valuation over 8 times. On top of that, Proxgy has initiated POCs with over 30 companies in its B2B sales cycle.

In the last 20 years, a lot of effort and development has gone into easing the tasks and making work more accessible for white-collar workers using project management, employee collaboration, and productivity enhancement tools such as Jira, Asana, Notion, and Slack, among others. Proxgy is enabling the same productivity, collaboration, and added safety benefits for blue-collar workers across multiple industries using a combination of Deep Tech, IIoT, and AI/ML', added Pulkit Ahuja, founder of Proxgy.

Proxgy’s solutions are a powerful amalgamation of proprietary deep tech and patented devices with a customizable sensory layer. This layer offers tech-driven innovative solutions to real world problems that were solved manually in the past. Proxgy offers an ecosystem where the front-end blue-collar workers could safely collaborate and associate with each other and their supervisors in a hands-free manner through our custom IoT Hardware + SaaS Software solutions. Proxy's UVCI (Universal Video Conferencing Identifier) is an SDK solution that bridges Proxgy Smart devices being worn by the workers with their employer’s existing ERP systems using a middle layer defining business logic.

The company makes a remote collaboration experience for businesses and industries truly safe, intelligent, immersive, and hands-free. Proxgy has already developed turn-key readily deployable solutions across various sectors with use cases like shopping, warehousing, tourism, real estate viewing, high-value delivery, manufacturing, mining, refineries, and many more.

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