Transerve to Support of Food Tech Companies with its Location Data Expertise

Transerve to Support of Food Tech Companies with its Location Data Expertise

Transerve announces its support for location data expertise to food tech companies as food tech-companies like Zomato, Swiggy & Blinkit create a buzz with their 10-minute delivery plan.

Customer experience and quick delivery remains the top most priority for food delivery services hence they are embracing the technology offered by location intelligence companies such as Transerve to move beyond the concept of using maps just to locate a place.

Acing the high-tech marvel, food delivery market is expected to grow $15 billion by 2023. With companies like Swiggy , Zomato & Blinkit already having a presence in almost all of the Indian Tier-I and Tier-II cities it is likely that this market will grow rapidly with new players coming in with differentiated strategies.

With food delivery model anticipated to grow, it will automatically stimulate the allied industry such as location intelligence company. Basis a report froms Markets and Markets, the global location analytics market size is anticipated to reach to USD 26.7 billion by 2025 from  USD 13.8 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 14.1%. This growth is due to the growing need for predictive analytics for businesses and the increasing use of location-based applications.

"With the emergence of “cloud-kitchens” last-mile delivery is something that is making a huge storm in the market in terms of size and technological improvements. Location intelligence along with artificial intelligence is helping them to predict customer buying patterns and stage inventories in the cloud kitchens nearest to where the demand for home delivery is more.

Under the right climate, Transerve will be offering location intelligence to help optimise delivery operations for food-tech companies with a focus on enhancing customer experiences. Transerve will give access to the right data to take a call to action and managing the delivery."said Ashwani Rawat, Co-Founder & Director, Transerve

An increase in customer base, maximizing market share, and improving individual outlet performance are some of the primary benefits with Transerve's location intelligence solutions.

Also for food tech-companies real-time traffic, order preparation time, delivery executive efficiency, time and distance are the ingredients for a more informed view. They play a very important role in various legs of completing a delivery. Subsequently, will also help food-tech companies grow their business.

Transerve's location intelligence along with artificial intelligence algorithms will help them to predict customer buying patterns and stage inventories in the cloud kitchens nearest to where the demand for home delivery is more and the high accuracy geospatial data will take the delivery from last-mile to last-meter.

The location intelligence solutions provider indicated that there are two important aspects that need to be considered from the point of delivery, door level accuracy of house address to save navigation time and hyperlocal spatial analysis for predicting the demand for food items based on historical orders and customer persona in an area.

"Transerve has created grids at 350 m for various categories like affluence, buyer persona on certain products, risk grids etc for major cities in India. Similarly grids for food preferences can be created based on the demographics along with infra details for a grid and the catchment boundary for a foot outlet to serve within less than 10min of drive time for ensuring sustainability in the long term.

Furthermore, Transerve's data analytics for predicting orders during the time of the day and day of the week will help the food outlet operators plan for their daily & hourly activities. In fact, fast deliveries will not only ensure more revenues but also improve the bottom line for the companies. Spatial technology integration in food order apps and the availability of hyperlocal analysis to outlets will change the game for everyone." Further added Ashwani Rawat

Transerve's location intelligence tools will help Quick service restaurants and cloud kitchens offer better customer service and deliver greater efficiencies in terms of loyalty programs, promotions, and more by analysing geographical business data.

Transerve is a location intelligence company that uses Geospatial Technology to enable Digital Transformation & effective decision making. It helps in deploying customized applications for asset tracking/ mapping, monitoring of projects, spatial data collection with geo-tagged pictures and videos and to share maps with key stakeholders or public.

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