“Channel Partners Can Make A Huge Profit For Brands If They Are Guided Correctly”

“Channel Partners Can Make A Huge Profit For Brands If They Are Guided Correctly”

ECS in Indian market is doing extremely well, especially with their Mini PCs. The brand has brought excellent and innovative computing solutions which are being adopted by larger organisations across all verticals. Rajshekhar Bhatt, Country Manager India, ECS stated, “Based on these three reasons, we estimate our growth percentage for FY 22-23 is 25%. First of all, since epidemic slowdown, employees gradually return to office for work. Whether at home or in the office, some workers still prefer desktops to laptops because they want a larger display for word processing. Entrepreneurs need to update their device to be more efficient as some hardware are not able to update Windows 11. Therefore, it is bound to drive the demand for PCs.”

Sharing another reason, Rajshekhar Bhatt said, “Secondly, In the past few years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the renewal and investment of many industrial equipment have been suspended. However, as coexistence with the epidemic gradually became a consensus, cases originally suspended by customers were restarted one after another. This is sure to stimulate PC sales in the future.”

“Finally, due to material shortages, many orders have been delayed in 2021-2022. Although the orders have been postponed until now, these orders have not been cancelled. As the shortage of materials has improved, shipments are expected to be smooth this year. In addition to the original demand, more new applications have emerged in the market, so orders for new products have also become another wave of growth,” further added by Rajshekhar Bhatt.

The tech brands often organize training sessions for partners to help them gain knowledge of the products and the best strategies to sell them. Channel partners can make a huge profit for brands if they are guided correctly by experts. Rajshekhar Bhatt, ECS shared the key tips for their partners-

  • Focus on SMBs and SIs with limited budget: With our competitive prices, we can look for SMBs or SIs that require a small computer for any business application purpose, such as digital signage, online meetings, office work, kiosks, education or other.
  • Cross-industry alliance: Introduce partners to participate in the various bidding or connect with potential customers, so that partners can obtain additional benefit. This method not only fortify the relationship, but also help them in the difficult time
  • Reward program: Propose incentives to motivate partners to achieve their sales goal and increase sales.
  • Use the media to promote: Stimulate 2C sales by recommending products to people looking for HTPC or working/studying from home through online advertising and leading local magazines.
  • Service commitment: Comprehensive after-sales service not only allows customers to reduce maintenance costs, and also Increases their willingness to continue cooperation in the future.

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