“We Always Believe That One Satisfied Client May Bring Us Additional Consumers”

“We Always Believe That One Satisfied Client May Bring Us Additional Consumers”

The smartphone penetration continues to rise in India which is fueling the accessories market growth further. The major brands in this domain are offering innovative and quality products at an affordable price point to strengthen their reach among customers. Anker group, one of the major market player is currently serving the Indian market with its wide product range in this segment. Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal recently held an exclusive interaction with Gopal Jeyaraj, Head - India and SAARC, Anker Innovations. Gopal Jeyaraj shared his views on the positioning of Anker group, market strategies and expansion plans. Read below the excerpts:

Rajeev: Please tell about the positioning of all the five brands under the Anker group. Which is the main focused segment for you?

Gopal: Our focus is on all the Anker Innovations categories because they appeal to a very similar consumer in different portfolios. The portfolio includes Charging solutions under Anker. Anker is world’s leading charging technology company. Some of our best-sellers here includes - Wireless charging, auto charging and wall chargers. We are the pioneer in Power Delivery technology, which allows phones, tablets, and laptops to charge at previously unheard-of speeds. Next being Soundcore breaks audio illusions in order to develop speakers and earbuds that elicit genuine emotions. The Flare series, 360° speakers with a beat-driven lightshow, and the Spirit series, the world's first genuinely sweatproof headphones, win a worthy mention here. Under Eufy we are introducing a new generation of linked security devices and appliances that will simplify and expand the smart-home experience. Eufy Genie, an Alexa-powered speaker, and a growing number of smart appliances such as lights, vacuums, and smart plugs are popular in this category. Lastly, Nebula is a new and fascinating class of smart, portable entertainment devices. This contains the world's first smart, portable cinemas, Nebula Mars and Nebula Apollo. Nebula blends intelligent functionality with immersive audio and images. 

Each of our product categories reflects the brand's goal and values of being renowned for excellent quality, trailblazing innovation, and after-sales support.

Rajeev: What opportunities do you see for Anker in India? How Indian market is important for you?

Gopal: India is one of the most promising markets because of the growing internet penetration and growing spending power among the consumers. There is an active demand & vaccum in the market for better and quality products over the traditional ‘599’ or ‘999’ range. This is where Anker products fits in perfectly. As the Indian customer is evolving and is on the lookout for better products, this has indeed influenced us to priorities India in our plans.

Rajeev: What will be Soundcore’s product strategy and channel plans to fortify its reach in the market? Which key markets are you focusing on?

Gopal: Soundcore presently leads our approach in major organized retail channels offline and Flipkart online. Our focus has been on improving our offline presence. Our plans aim to reach every nook and cranny of the country since our products are generally acknowledged. 

Rajeev: The robotic products under Eufy brands are gaining good attention from the consumers so what are your plans for building a solid channel base for this brand in India? Do you have any special schemes for Eufy partners?

Gopal: Eufy has gained a strong foothold during the Covid period, and the momentum seems to be building further. We are now working on expanding our footprint in the offline locations in order to build experience environments that may assist customers in making decisions. In addition, we are in discussions with numerous financial institutions to provide simple EMI programmes to encourage consumer demand.

Rajeev: What are your future investment plans for strengthening the service support infrastructure across India?

Gopal: Strong support/service is the foundation of our company; we always believe that one satisfied client may bring us additional consumers. We are constantly strengthening our support and service centre in order to deliver the finest service to our clients.

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