Lapcare Launches ‘Legend’ Aluminium Alloy RGB Laptop Stand

Lapcare Launches ‘Legend’ Aluminium Alloy RGB Laptop Stand

Lapcare Legend Aluminium Alloy RGB Laptop Stand is the avant-garde product by the brand, in the laptop stand category. It is a class apart from the other products on its roster. Lapcare Legend laptop stand is visually stunning due to its customizable RBG lighting and unique design. It is designed to appeal the users who want a worthy addition to their desk setup and are looking for a laptop stand that stands out on the desk. The laptop stand comes with Aluminium Alloy body which seems durable and gives users a worthy experience.

Lapcare Legend Laptop Stand offers a great user experience with its portable yet solid body. It lets you take control of RGB lighting with a dedicated customizable RGB lighting button. Lapcare has paid minute attention to details with this laptop stand and designed it to draw the hot air out of the system as well through effective heat dissipation design. The laptop stand is compatible with 10 to 17 inch laptops. It comes with a USB Type-C connector and four USB 3.0 ports. 

The unique design of this laptop stand provides a robust platform to hold the laptop, and the frame can accommodate even the biggest laptops from Dell Alienware to Acer Predator that are bulky machines due to their performance-focused design and components. Lapcare Legend’s base uses rubber feet that firmly affix the laptop stand on the surface and are extremely useful for slippery surfaces. Lapcare Legend laptop stand is priced at INR 2859 and comes with 1-year warranty.

Encapsulating such enticing features into a budget package makes Lapcare stand out from the rest of the players in the computer peripherals industry. The consumer-focused approach is the reason behind the staggering sales of Lapcare products because the brand believes in nurturing customer relationships. The brand recently hit the milestone of 20 crore sold units and aims to double the number in the coming years. Lapcare is consistently working on their accessories line-up for becoming the one-stop destination for all IT accessories.

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