3i Infotech Organizes International Women’s Day Virtual Event  

3i Infotech Organizes International Women’s Day Virtual Event  

3i Infotech Limited has announced their first International Women’s Day virtual event from March 1st – March 8th, 2022, alongside this year’s global theme of ‘Break the Bias’. As the new 3i Infotech, they are focused at creating a culture of transparency and gender supremacy, while building on inclusivity beyond equality. The 4500 employees’ strong company is empowering women employees through their new program – ‘NuWE’, with the theme ‘Flying Above the Clouds’. 

The weeklong series will have engaging sessions featuring one expert per day. External curated speakers and experts from varied fields spanning technology, design thinking and innovation, marketing, finance and government sectors will speak at the event. The distinguished speakers for the event include: 

  • Bhuvana Subramanyan, Chief Marketing Officer, Randstad India 
  • Michael Foley, Founder, Foley Designs PVT LTD 
  • Neha Bagaria, Founder & CEO, JobsForHer 
  • Gargi Chatterjea, Executive Director, CESC Limited 
  • Aruna Srinivasan, Customer Success Manager, VMware Tanzu 
  • Divya Kumar, publisher of ‘Fungalore’ book series 
  • Zohra Chatterji, Non-Executive Independent Director, 3i Infotech 

With IT becoming the most sought-after career option for women in India, the number of women employed in the IT industry has seen a rapid increase over the past decade. According to data from JobsForHer, an online career platform for women, nearly 50% of the total number of jobs currently posted on the platform is for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) roles, an increase from 35% in pre-pandemic 2019. As per 451 Research, a technology industry research firm, women now make up 34% of the IT workforce in India. These numbers show an upward trend in women’s participation in the technology industry in India; however, the challenge is retaining gender diversity through into middle management and leadership roles. Organisations can create strong skilling, mentorship and networking initiatives. They also need to build a cohesive workplace policies, environment and work culture, to retain women especially in senior leadership positions. 

Thompson P. Gnanam, Managing Director & Global CEO, 3i Infotech said, “Committees with both genders outperform, better diversity leads to better results and there are many more such revealing facts that clearly highlight the importance of establishing a gender-neutral organisation, where women are given an equal opportunity to grow and nurture their careers. We at 3i Infotech are involved in attracting, engaging and retaining women in our company at all levels. And this weeklong celebration is our commitment to creating a more inclusive culture that is built around transparency and gender supremacy.”

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