Best Gifting Ideas for This Women's Day

Best Gifting Ideas for This Women's Day

With Women’s day around the corner, the season to search for the perfect and most unique gift for your special woman is here. While it should happen every other day of the year as well, Women’s day is your biggest opportunity to make all the ladies in your life feel special. Whether it’s our mum, sister, friend, manager, or someone else, we believe that being a woman is something to be celebrated.

If you are still struggling to find daily household items, here is your guide to the best household products that make your life easy. Jaypee Plus offers the best range of products, The products currently have all Kitchen-ware, home-ware products, Kids Lunch boxes and water bottles under one roof and keep on adding more and more products with unique ideas and style.  

Here are three popular products by Jaypee Plus- 

Jaypee Plus HottLine 3 Electric Lunch Box

Jaypee Plus brings you the nifty and resourceful lunch box edition for a delightful lunch experience. Jaypee Plus, Hottline is great for serving your food hot and fresh wherever and at any time. The lunch box has three stainless steel containers inside, allowing you to bring a variety of food in one container. This lunch box has a sturdy and comfortable handle that makes it easy to carry  around. This Lunch box is perfect for gifts as it is both stylish and utilitarian. 

Price- ₹1495.00 

Jaypee Plus MultiPlan 3 - Versatile Cabinets

Jaypee Plus Multiplan- 3 comes with 3 drawers, utility top and removable caster wheel. Multipurpose drawer comes with an ideal way to organize belongings well, this adorable drawer makes for a delightful piece of room furnishing. These drawers can be used to store cosmetics, clothes, books, magazines etc and other such belongings and are made from virgin plastic that promises quality, durability and strength. Easy to clean by wiping the drawers in a single swipe, this drawer set can be effortlessly placed in a single corner of the room. Use it in the kitchen, office or your home, this drawer can be used for multiple purposes.

Price- ₹4465.00 

Jaypee Immuno Infuser

Immuno is an offspring of changing times, the new normal. Carry it anywhere, anytime. Immuno is your immunity Partner. An infuser of its, immuno is designed to carry personal hot beverages ( or cold if desired) like kadha, green tea, ginger & lime potion, honey & mint, Haldi, Latte or your unique concoction. An insulated, and double mouthed flask with a stainless steel infuser, immuno is a leakproof and versatile product.

Price- ₹722.00

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