Looking for a Good RAM for Extreme Gaming PC? Here are Some Suggestions

Looking for a Good RAM for Extreme Gaming PC? Here are Some Suggestions

If you are a gamer, and looking to build a gaming rig then RAM is the third most important thing to consider after CPU and GPU. The faster your RAM is, the faster would be the load time of a game and better frame rates in certain cases depending on the game you are playing. Here we take a look at few gaming RAM to meet your requirements and take your gaming experience a notch higher.

ALKETRON Quantum-Cache

Touted by ALKETRON as an Extreme Gaming Memory, high performance DDR3 for standard and gaming Desktop PC comes with gaming quality PCB Board and memory chip. Its high capacity heat sink case provides it extreme gaming capability while ALKETRON Quantum-Cache supports dual channel. It is laced with eight independent internal banks and Bi-directional differential data strobe. The other offerings include optimized circuit design for higher efficiency and lower heat generation, and on die termination using ODT pin.

Acer Apollo

Acer’s recently introduced Predator Apollo RAM is one of the best picks for a true immersive gaming experience as it offers ultra-high frequency, ultra-low timing and overclocking capabilities. Packed in a 'cyberpunk inspired' design, the RAM has RGB lighting in sync with the motherboard software,  allowing eight eye-catching independent lighting areas, 10+ light effects and 16 million RGB color values. To make sure that the gamers get top level experience, Predator Apollo is equipped with 10-layer PCB, aluminum heatsink, 15μm gold-plated contacts and the highest quality B-dies.

Ballistix Sport

One of the firebrand performers in the segment, Ballistix Sport is powered with DDR4 RAM Memory Technology. Offering a memory speed of 2400 MHz, the memory module is rated at PC4-19200 with a latency of 16-16-16. Its four-channel memory architecture helps in maximizing data rates and is optimized for latest X99 platforms. If you want a higher speed, Ballistix Sport is what you should go for, as it helps the processor with resources needed to perform.

Corsair Vengeance

Made using pure aluminium, Corsair Vengeance RAMs are engineered for high-performance over clocking and relatively faster heat dissipation. While heat spreads in an optimum manner with Corsair Vengeance, the ICs are not allowed to be impact in any way. XMP 2.0 ensures the fastest safe speed without having to toggle the settings. A custom performance PCB and highly-screened memory ICs add to the features of this RAM.

XPG Adata

The XPG ADATA GAMMIX gaming RAM comes with unique heatsink design and edgy wing-shaped look. With a whopping factory speed up to 3200 MHz and 10-layer PCBs, it enhances the signal transfer quality while maintaining stable operation. In addition to it, the gamers get a safer and quicker overclocking as it supports Intel XMP 2.0. The 10-layer PCBs featured by GAMMIX D10 also improves the signal tranfer quality and stability, especially when the system is on heavy multitasking or operating at high speed.

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